Wednesday, March 11, 2015

BREAKING: Fabish Coming to Columbia

Mark Fabish

Early this morning, former All Ivy WR and Penn Receivers Coach Mark Fabish removed all the Penn coaching info from his Twitter bio.

That helps to confirm what I've heard from multiple sources: Fabish is joining Al Bagnoli's staff here at Columbia.

I do believe he will also be the Lions WR coach, but it's possible he will have a slightly different title.

You can read Fabish's bio here... or at least until it's deleted from the Penn website.

I consider Fabish to be a prime jewel from the Quaker staff and it's a real coup to get him. He, along with Jon Poppe from Harvard, are two of the best recruiters in the Ivies and now they will be working together at Columbia.


Tod Hawks said...

Congratulations, Coach Fabish! Welcome to Columbia.

Tod Howard Hawks CC 66

oldlion said...

Fantastic news. Jake and or others, in addition to making a further cash contribution (done) I also want to write personal notes to Lee, Peter and Bags rather than email them. does anybody on this board have reliable mailing addresses?

repolton said...

Bergen Catholic grad.

Anonymous said...

They must have really opened the purse strings to attract this staff. An analogy to what is happening with University of Utah. They really, really want to compete for titles and bowl games so they are paying assistant coaches in the 4-500 grand range. They also just spent millions upgrading the restrooms at their stadium. Keep fans and boosters happy.

Chick said...

Football Scoop reports today that Fabish is joining CU, and also that the defensive line coach opening will be filled by Darin Edwards, the DL coach for Fordham.