Friday, March 13, 2015

Craig Haley's Pre-Spring Roundup

I think TSN's Craig Haley hits all the right points in this article previewing the big story lines coming into spring practice time in the Ivies.

Of course, he leads with the big Al Bagnoli coming to Columbia news and puts it in good perspective.

The other good piece of info is he lists the spring practice dates for all eight Ivy teams.

Columbia's practice period is April 1-29.


Coach said...

Looks like Bagnoli and Bollinger were turned down for the waiver.

Jake said...

One word for you: "transfers"

Coach said...

You have the names of the transfers?

Jake said...

Not a chance.

alswingman said...

Excellent article by Craig Haley. As things creep towards the upcoming season we'll have a much better picture of where things stand. There's going to be a lot of shuffling around until the new coaching staff figures out what they have.