Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Local Heroes

Excuse me, young man but have you seen any offensive linemen around here?

You gotta love the first two paragraphs of this piece today in the Bergen Record:

"Al Bagnoli, Columbia football.

New Columbia football coach Al Bagnoli needs no directions. At the top of his recruiting list is a visit to Bergen County."

You gotta love that because a huge reason Columbia is lucky to have Bagnoli is the immediate credibility he gives us in our own region where we have been out-recruited by Penn and Princeton for far too long. 

We may not see much movement with this incoming recruiting class, because it's so late in the game. But the recruiting process for next year's class is also underway and Bagnoli can make a splash on that front right now. 


oldlion said...

The big Catholic schools in Bergen County are true powerhouses: Bergen Catholic; Don Bosco; St. Joe's; and Paramus Catholic.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Al will borrow a page from Hayden Fry (age 86 AND not under contract BTW) when he took over a moribund Iowa program in 1979.

"Fry turned his attention to changing a losing attitude and starting new traditions at Iowa. Hayden would not celebrate close losses or moral victories, once even threatening to "Punch any player in the mouth if he was smiling" following a 21-6 loss to highly ranked Oklahoma. He hired a marketing group to create the Tigerhawk, a logo to represent the University of Iowa's athletic programs. Fry had the team "swarm" onto the field together as they left the locker room. And Fry had the visitors’ locker room painted pink. Fry, a psychology major at Baylor, knew that pink is occasionally used in jails and mental institutions to relax and pacify the residents, and Fry claimed that it might have the same effect on the visiting team. Principally, though, Fry hoped that the unusual color would distract and fluster the opposing players and coaches. Visiting head coaches, particularly Michigan head coach Bo Schembechler, would occasionally try to cover the pink walls with paper to shield their players from the color."

Coach said...

Yes they are and I wonder how many Columbia starting players have been from these schools compared to the rest of the league.
I also wonder the number of kids from these schools that we have lost because of either admissions or financial aid. A relationship is built with these coaches by accepting some of their marginal academic players. Maybe we have, but don't know.

Toe-joe said...

In the old Boston Garden Red Auerbach was notorious for getting his minions (staff? players? himself??) to clog the toilets of the visitor's locker room with multiple craps combined with wads of toilet paper so that by the time the opposing team arrived, the toilets would be overflowing and the stink would be unbearable. He also made sure that the locker rooms were either 45 degrees or 95 degrees but nothing in between. Celtics fans call this genius. Knicks fans called this cowardly gamesmanship.

Anonymous said...

Messing with the terlits and temperature is over the line. I like the pink locker room idea even though it would never get implemented. As silly as it is, it would make the visitors a bit uncomfortable.

Curtis Chen said...

I like the pink idea....and then also deflate the visitors practice balls!!