Monday, March 30, 2015

Is this the New Lion?

INew Associate Head Coach Mark Fabish Tweeted out a tantalizing message yesterday welcoming a new player to the Lion pride. 

But it did not include any names, possibly for regulatory reasons. 

There is one well-regarded high school player who favorited and re-Tweeted Fabish's message. And he did the same when Offensive Line Coach John McLaughlin posted the message too. His name is Tyler Schonewolf, a DE who was committed to Army last we heard. 

It's not at all clear that Schonewolf is the player in question. It's possible he made a big deal out of Fabish's Tweet because he has a friend or relative who is the person the coach is talking about. But Schonewolf makes sense on a few levels, especially since he reportedly had almost perfect SAT's. And he is a prime recruit that Fordham jumped all over with a complete offer in November. He'd be a great addition. 

We'll keep our eyes open on this one. 

UPDATE: Coach Fabish has just Tweeted that another "dynamic play maker" has joined Columbia football. Sounds promising that we are beefing up our incoming class. Remember when we all used to hate it when Al Bagnoli and his staff used to grab those late commits? Well, now Al's Army is doing it for us!

Yale Transfer

But one name we do know is Bo Hines. He is the NC State WR who has transferred to Yale. That should help ease some of the pain from losing Deon Randall and Tyler Varga on offense.


Coach said...

Love the idea of picking off these Army recruits!

oldlion said...

Asia Sunset has reacted heatedly on voyforums to the assertion that A1 banding correlates with difficulty of admission and that we are 4th in A1 banding. Where exactly do we stand w/r/t to the other Ivies on banding?

Anonymous said...

I expect at least two thirds of the roster to change within the next 1.5 years.

Coach said...

Everyone on this blog says we have decent players- don't understand your comment, Al.

Al's Wingman said...

Just you wait.

oldlion said...

One of the coaches just tweeted that a real playmaker is joining us. That would not be a defensive guy I assume.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree there is talent on the roster now. However, I get the impression this particular coaching staff means business and will revamp to compete for a championship as quickly as they can.

Columbia_Fan said...

Al, what hair brained formula are you using to calculate this outrageous prediction?

Columbia_Fan said...

I agree that there are a lot of kids that have not been evaluated properly over the years.
Therefore, they have not had very much playing time. Hopefully new staff will not clean house. I have deep respect for all who
get no playing time and still show up for all practices, etc.

Anonymous said...

That's just how things go with a new regime. This staff will have a different set of standards.

The real story will be how recruiting unfolds for '16.

At QB I like the chances of Hill to fit the system anticipated from Bags+staff. He is in the driver's seat now but we will see what he does with his chances. Guessing they will want a Ragone/Brackett type to win the job.