Monday, September 26, 2016

Half n' Half

Georgetown 17 Columbia 14

Why Georgetown Won

The Hoyas jumped out to an early lead by cashing in on Columbia turnovers and avoiding any of their own the entire game. Then, Georgetown's defense was just strong enough to keep the Lion comeback from going all the way.

Why Columbia Lost

Four Lion turnovers, a missed field goal, and continuing offensive rustiness doomed Columbia. A herculean defensive effort was wasted.

Key Turning Points

-Late in the 1st quarter and trailing 7-0, Lion punter Matthew Panton booted the first of his two punts in the game that would be downed at the Georgetown one. But after the CU defense forced a three-and-out, the ensuing Hoya punt was fumbled away by freshman Josh Wainwright and GU got a big second chance. The Hoyas eventually turned that miscue into a field goal and a 10-0 lead.

-Late in the second quarter, Columbia QB Skyler Mornhinweg and the Lions took over on their own 18 yard line and began a drive that finally stalled at the Georgetown 16. But kicker Cameron Nizialek missed the 34-yard field goal try and Columbia came up empty in the first half.

Columbia Positives

-The Lion defense held Georgetown to just eight 1st downs and 195 total yards. Time and again in the second half, the D came up with the key stops to provide the offense every chance it needed to win.

-It may seem like Columbia made every mistake in the book, but they only committed six penalties in their second week of the season.

-Columbia rushed for a respectable 172 yards and 4.1 yards per carry.

Columbia Negatives

-Turnovers, turnovers, turnovers.

-The passing game is just not there yet. a 3.9 yards per pass attempt stat is stunningly low.

Columbia MVP

-Once again, all the Lion linebackers were dominant throughout the game, but Gianmarco Rea stood out just a bit more than his peers.


oldlion said...

This game was lost by the turnovers and the poor QB play. End of story. Unless we can find a QB who can find open receivers we will continue to struggle. I have not seen any progress in our QBs. And Georgetown had no turnovers to our 4 (I actually counted 5 if you add the failure to convert on 4th and 1). Wainwright will be an asset but has to learn how to how onto the ball.

oldlion said...

Jake, what do you know about the younger QBs? Mat Dame, for example, was a three star guy with D1 offers. We need to do something to develop a passing game here.

DOC said...

Skylar took a tough shot after delivering a pass in the first half and
didnt return in the second. Hopefully he is not too banged up. Would have liked to see him come back after we started to stall offensively.
As stated in the previous thread: they made one long throw to an open receiver and we didnt and that was a major reason we're 0-2.

msgCC'60 said...

Oldlion's comments are spot on. QB play has been ineffective and produced a combined total of 23 points against St. Francis & Georgetown. Don't know much about the other 3 QB's.......2 1st year & 1 2nd year, but perhaps AB should consider giving 1 of them some playing time. Offense needs a "spark", otherwise the 2016 season might not turn out as positively as we had once expected.

Anonymous said...

I have confidence Coach Bags and staff can fix the offense this season. That is the art of being a high caliber coach is rebounding with solutions.

Though, this situation is a conundrum. Without an effective QB, what do you do? Coach up your 1 and 2 or play one of the younger guys who may not be ready, let him grow into the role? I have a feeling they are going to try and fix the problem with Mornhinweg and continue to spell him with Hill. I don't see Hill as a starter. He is the same QB he was as a freshmen.