Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Scouting Georgetown

Tim Barnes

Even though the Hoyas have played two games, it's still very hard to get a good handle on Georgetown so far.

The Hoyas are 2-0 after a blowout win at home over lowly Davidson and a nail-biter win over perhaps even lowlier Marist on the road.

The brightest star on the team so far this year has been junior RB Alex Valles, who's averaging 93 yards per game and a hefty seven yards per carry. Senior QB Tim Barnes looks solid so far, averaging more than 200 yards passing per game and completing 60+% of his passes. Junior WR Justin Barnes, after missing his sophomore season to injury, is starting to look like Georgetown's top receiver. Barnes played at the famous Cardinal Newman HS in New Orleans and could be a truly rising star.

The O-line is manned by four returning starters and has looked pretty good so far. There are no 300-pounders, but a few guys at about 290.

On defense, sophomore LB J'V'on Butler is the leader with 14 total tackles and two for a loss. Senior DE Hunter Kiseleck is off to a good start too. The secondary seems to have a sophomore rising star in Ramon Lyons. Overall, the Hoyas have looked strong against the run and weak against the pass.

The special teams are solid, with the only possible star being kickoff returner Isaac Ellsworth, who's averaging 33 yards per return... but he's only had three returns.

All in all, GU looks very vulnerable. Columbia knows it should have defeated the Hoyas last year save for an series of crucial mental errors at the end of the first half. The biggest challenge may be the simple fact that the game is on the road and it's Georgetown's Homecoming weekend on a little bandbox of a field.


oldlion said...

Jake, what are the chances that Barack Obama '83C makes an appearance at the game to see his alma mater do battle?

I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

Probably zero. When has Obama ever displayed much interest in Columbia? Especially ithe fortunes of Lions teams?

Eric Holder did, however,once attend a basketball game with his student so, and seemed uniformly gracious to all and actually happy ro be there.

oldlion said...

I sat behind Holder last year at a basketball game. I think he may have played freshman basketball (sorry, first year basketball).

Chen1982 said...

Let's stick to football....why are so few people weighing in here? What gives?

Who else thinks we will win this game?

alawicius said...

Chen, have to admit I have some doubts. Georgetown looking pretty good and we didn't really impress in first game. Will be a real good win if we can get it.

Chen1982 said...

I look at the caliber of opponents that Georgetown has beaten. Their two wins came vs Davidson (who beat 2 Div II opponents) and Marist (is 0 and 3)

No where near the calibre of an SFu team that played 6th ranked Montana close

We will only have mistakes to blame for losing, not the prowess of our opponent.

I am looking for a low scoring win

alawicius said...

Good analysis, hope you're right!