Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Yale Shocker

Copache Tyler 

Yale's premier player, DL Copache Tyler, is off the team for an undisclosed reason.

So in less than three weeks, Yale has lost it's top returning senior and it's most heralded incoming freshman in RB Andrew Grinde.

Could it get any worse for Head Coach Tony Reno?

Apparently, the answer is "yes" because Yale fans are publicly grumbling about reduced access to information about the team, closed scrimmages, and a public information department that's angry at a fan blog. (Gee that sounds familiar).

Unless Yale pulls off what's looking to be the impossible and beats Harvard at Harvard Stadium this year, I suspect Mr. Reno will be looking for a new job in December.


Chen1982 said...

Well....for what he did to the Conway brothers...i say let him burn...!

And really really hoping for a beat down of them on October 29!

Anonymous said...

It's a given. Reno is all but gone. I don't think they have ever recovered from the Tom Williams debacle. Without Varga Yale would have a lot more losses over the last few seasons.

Remains to be seen if they can straighten things out.