Thursday, September 1, 2016

Al Bagnoli for President

I visited training camp practice yesterday afternoon. I don't really have any "scoops" from the experience since it was the second of a two-practice day and lots of players simply weren't there... OH, and I wouldn't give away any really sensitive info anyway.

But I do want to pass on two key impressions, one short, one a bit longer.

The first impression was seeing a team that really looked like a football team. They were big. They were working together. They looked like they could be playing this game at any level.

But then I started to focus on Head Coach Al Bagnoli. It's really amazing to see how he conducts himself in practice, because I've seen it a few times now and it's the same every time.

Columbia football has had yeller head coaches. We've had quieter head coaches. We've had guys who were overexcited. We've had guys who made silly jokes in a funny, but also slightly teasing/psycho way.

But the impression you get when you see and hear Bagnoli in practice is that you're in the presence of a true teacher. He's teaching out there. You can see he loves it, but not in an outwardly exuberant way.

And then you remember that this even-tempered teacher reserves his excitement and emotions for game days. That's the Bagnoli Columbia fans came to know, but it wasn't the full picture by a long shot.

I don't think Columbia has ever had this kind of properly behaved teacher with great accomplishments to back him up.

Hell, I don't this country has had a truly accomplished and appropriately behaved leader in my lifetime.

Al Bagnoli for President.


I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

Norries Wilson might even now disagree with some of what you wrote in your encomium to Bagnoli today. And I seem to remember some real rancor from both Shoop and Wilson's coqchig staffs about Bagnoli's guys running down tg=he Lions program to potential recruits. (Even as I always myself wondered, who totally sane would choose Philadelphia over NYC?)

Ah well, the fox is ours now. But at one time he was a very successful predator upon us. I hope the successful predation continues, upon the henhouses of other Ivy opponents.

alawicius said...

I'd say Obama certainly matches your criteria, and a Lion to boot!

oldlion said...

Coaches are tweeting about a new commit. DB. From Pa.

I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

Also just got my season tickets late this afternoon. Nice eniugh, but if they'd wanted to create collector's items, surely there's a better way than something which may get torn up by stadium employees.

Also, the coupons are kind of tacky. I can hardly wait to see how that silly-sounding Zip Line is going to work.(Especially in a New Yorkish crowd not much disposed to people going to the head of any line.) I really do think the plastic "True Blue" cards were a much nier touch. Allowed for multiple sale too, which I'm not sure the paper coupons do.

Of course, before someone else says it, the important action is on the field, not at the concession stands. But this year's tickets are still somewhat of an aesthetic disappointment. Roar, regardless,

PS: There was no mention in the accompanying info sheets of free beer this season. I hope to God this is meant to be an enduring tradition.

Unknown said...

Going to miss Coach Campbell this year!!

Anonymous said...

Coach Bags is a shrewd leader. That's actually a rare quality among football coaches. I truly believe that is what enabled him to build the qualities needed to be eligible to even be considered for the head job at Union. Bags comes from a pretty standard blue collar background. Central Conn St as a player, graduate assistant at Albany. Union was a bad program and he managed to get the job, turn things around to playoff contender. You have to be pretty awesome to do that and then catch the eye of an Ivy AD who sees the exact qualities they needed at Penn. So he is a self made man in every way. That is what gets translated to the players.