Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Wagner Game Notes Released

Week four opponent Wagner has released its game notes and two deeps for its season opener tomorrow night against Division II St. Anselm College.

QB Alex Thomson, who had a trial by fire as a freshman starter for the Seahawks last season, is back as the starter as sophomore this season.

But the big surprise is that junior Denzel Knight is getting the start at RB over senior Matt McKinnon. who had 99 carries and 449 yards rushing in 2015. Knight, by contrast, only carried the ball five times all year. I don't know whether this decision is based on saving McKinnon for a more difficult opponent, due to injury, or because of Knight just wowing the coaches in practice.

One WR starting slot is also a bit curiously going to senior Keith Foster, who caught only four balls in 2015.

On defense, Wagner is starting a 330 pound sophomore transfer at nose tackle named Charble Dabire. He may be something of a ringer for the Seahawks this year. Another interesting note is that freshman Myron Morris is getting the start at one of the corner positions.

Finally, former Columbia Linebackers Coach Tony Brinson is still with Wagner, but now he's been promoted to defensive coordinator.

Poor D-II St. Anselm is basically a sacrificial lamb in this game. And nowhere is that more evident than the fact that the Hawks are starting a 251-pound Left Tackle who's backed up by a 242-pounder. This could get ugly.

Kickoff is set for 6pm on Staten Island.

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