Thursday, August 4, 2016

Night Fever

Columbia has yet to officially release the game times for the 2016 season, but by looking at some of our opponents' websites we do have some news:

-The week 7 game at home vs. Yale is going to be on Friday night, October 28th at 7pm. I believe this will be one of the Ivy games in the NBC Sports prime time schedule, (which has also not been officially released). The Lions ended the 2015 season with a Friday night home game vs. Brown on NBCSN.

-The week four game at Wagner on Staten Island on October 8th will also be a night game slated for a 6pm kickoff.

For now, every other home and away game looks like it will be the usual Saturday afternoon affair, but Homecoming vs. Dartmouth is likely to be a 3pm or 3:30pm start. But don't be surprised if there's another change.

Getting back to the 10/28 night home game vs. Yale, I'm happy to see night games coming back to Baker Field. And now that Inwood has started to become dotted with actual restaurants and sports bars, the experience of being in the area after dark is many times better than it was years ago. I'll have more info on the names and specific locations of some of these new eating and drinking spots, but here's a link to the scene on Inwood.

We've come a long way from just having the Twin Donut and the bodega/deli on 218th Street for our options. One of the developments that still surprises me is the continued success of the Indian Road Cafe, which opened in 2008 but didn't seem to really take off until two or three years ago.

But again, I'll have a more thorough rundown of the growing number of restaurants and bars near the stadium in a few weeks.

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