Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Travel Plans

Cooper Field

Some friends of Ivy football living in the D.C. area have alerted me that Columbia fans may need to plan well ahead if they want to attend the Week Two contest on September 24th against Georgetown in Washington.

The issue is that the Hoyas have a very small home field. Cooper Field has just 2,500 seats and the game is Georgetown's Homecoming. So the advice here is to get your tickets now before planning on driving or taking the train all the way to D.C. only to get shut out of the game. Last year's GU-Dartmouth game in Washington was packed from what I understand and most of the crowd was Dartmouth fans.

Speaking of travel plans, the Lions have more official players than the 110 person limit allowed to come into an Ivy training camp. By my count, the number is 115 players right now. There may be five or more players who are still officially on the roster but are not returning to the team, but I don't think we'll know for sure until the roster is updated for or during training camp later this month. With injuries and other issues that always crop up, I doubt anyone who really wants to go to training camp and is physically able to do so will be left out.


Jay Dee NYC said...

I thought you may find this of interest. Columbia ranks as the 99th Best Football Program all-time...

Not too bad I guess.

Anonymous said...

The roster total is an interesting stat. That can't be the case every season. Just shows the cup is overflowing with competition. When the dust settles they could finally have the quality depth the program has needed for some time.