Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A Little Nibble on Recruits

Loud, but not proud?

It's not much, but ESPN has a list of some players Columbia has been looking at for the 2013 recruiting class. 

Obviously the really big name in this list is DT Nick Thurman from Texas. If we snag this guy, we should rename the stadium after the assistant coach who recruits him!

Safety Mason Bryant is another gem, with offers from every Ivy, Army, Air Force and Ohio.

Levien Hosts Greatness

In today's, or yesterday's "fun news": The Oklahoma City Thunder took over Levien Gymnasium to practice for their game tonight against Brooklyn.

Speaking of Levien, there was a lot of buzz about great fan support this Saturday night as the gym was sold out for the game against Bucknell. It was yet another bummer that the Lions not only lost that game, but blew a double-digit second half lead. 

What is it about well-attended, well-enthused, games, (like football Homecoming), that seems to bring out the worst in our teams???

It goes against everything I believe in to see teams play somewhat, or sometime a lot, WORSE when the fans are really getting into a game. 


DOC said...

Here is Thurman's scouting report courtesy of ESPN Insider:
Updated 09/26/2012

Thurman is a line prospect who plays on both sides of the ball in high school. While listed as a defensive tackle he could very likely land on the offensive side of the ball. He is a kid with solid overall size, but he lacks ideal bulk for play in the trenches and will need to add more good mass, but does look on film to be a kid who is a little bigger than listed. He has a solid get-off, but is not a quick penetrating presence. He flashes the ability to fire out low and gain leverage, but overall must improve his pad level on both sides of the ball as he can tend to pop up and play high. He needs to improve his hand usage and do a better job of shooting them and creating separation. He does demonstrate above average playing strength which helps him overcome lapses in technique at his current level, but needs to continue to improve in the little things. As a defender demonstrates that he will turn and run to the ball and gives good effort and displays good straight-line speed for his size. Displays marginal short-area change-of-direction skills. As a pass rusher flashes the ability to quickly get to half-a-man, but needs to learn to use his hands more to his advantage. We're not sure that OL won't be his better fit in the long run and wouldn't be surprised if he landed on offense in college. Thurman is a kid who flashes some good raw tools to work with, but regardless of which side of the ball he lands on he needs to keep developing his game to allow him to better maximize his natural abilities.

oldlion said...

I am writing to express my dismay regarding the comments just posted by somebody I would prefer not to name on Pete Mangurian's most recent blog. They are absolutely vicious and uncalled for, and can only harm our program if anybody we are recruiting reads them. Pete is a very proud man and strikes me as the type who would probably not edit the comments posted on his blog, but this is one case in which I wish he would.

Anonymous said...

Spec on FB: http://www.columbiaspectator.com/2012/12/06/lions-reflect-first-season-mangurian-era

Anonymous said...

I also wish that comment would be expunged, as I wrote it in a fit of pique over a couple of matters I read about on this blog, further aggravated by personal issues. I think Columbia football can turn anyone into a blithering idiot, including, apparently, a long-time devoted alum like myself. Unfortunately I succumbed to negativity in a compulsive manner which is a bizarre departure from my usual steadfast support, to which I believe Jake can attest. My deepest apologies to Pete and all who may feel offended. I will always support Pete and whoever is leading the Lions, I believe in my heart that Pete will succeed, and I have no one to blame but myself for foolishly suggesting otherwise. If Pete is reading this, I hereby disavow my remarks and request that they be removed. This mea culpa is painful but necessary, and with thanks to the prior poster who graciously declined to name me, I shall, knowing my better side will prevail, likewise choose anonymity in this instance. Thanking all in advance for their forgiveness, and ROAR LION! :)

oldlion said...

Well said, anonymous. Sometimes we say things in haste and repent in leisure. Welcome back!

WOF said...

Pretty cool of you to apologize. Maybe an apology on the blog would help, too?

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