Monday, December 31, 2012

Sweet Vindication: Nottingham Confirmed

Well for all of you who may have doubted me, today is confirming what I first reported 10 days ago: Stanford QB Brett Nottingham is transferring to Columbia.

2013 is looking very exciting indeed!



Tod Hawks said...

Happy New Year to you, Jake!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Jake and to all the posters.
Go Lions!

oldlion said...

Hopefully we don't have a Joe Sandberg issue in which admissions says no.

Anonymous said...

a story at says he won't join the Lions until the summer.

jock/doc said...

Welcome to the competition, Brett.
How about a New Year's resolution for posters on this blog? Let each of us recognize that recruits and parents will be reading what we post. Let us try to keep it positive an respectful and to avoid personal attacks on anyone. It would be a shame if our posts caused a prospect to go somewhere else.