Thursday, December 6, 2012

Your Nominations, Please!

Time to start the process for awarding our MVP award for 2012.

I'd like as many readers as possible to nominate the players you think were the best for the Lions this season.

You can just put a name in the comments section, or make a long case as well.

It's up to you.

May the best young man win!


oldlion said...

ROY--Connors and Padilla
MVP offense-- Garrett
MVP defense--Olinger
Most improved--Nelligan
Most likely to play on Sundays--Martin

Anonymous said...

Excellent choices, Old Lion, can't think of any changes.

oldlion said...

PS, any word on possible fifth years? Is Adebayo thinking of coming back for a medical redshirt year? If so, we can have a new category: most likely to be comeback Lion of the year in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Waller was everywhere on D all season. He stripped the ball on the last drive by Yale and it lead DIRECTLY to our first win over the bulldogs in a very long time.

oldlion said...

Waller was my runner up along with Martin on defense. And certainly Waller made the biggest individual play on defense of the year. Ultimately I chose Olinger because day in and day out he was the heart and soul of the defense. But if I had to pick a single defensive performance it would be Martin's second half in the Cornell game, which was on a par with the great Marcellus Wiley. If Martin could have reached that level every Saturday he would have been the league MVP on defense and we would have won two or three more games. For that thirty minutes he was a one man wrecking crew and made Mathews look like he was Cornell's third stringer.

RedTiger61 said...

At the Football dinner on the Friday before Homecoming .... there was the mention of a new organization being formed of former Columbia football players ... has anyone else heard about it ???? ... if 'yes', what do you know ...

Anonymous said...

ROY = C. Connors
MVP offense = M.Garrett/C.Nelligan
MVP defense = Z.Olinger/M.Waller
Most improved = Will Patterson
Special Teams = Vinny Pugliese
Most likely to play on Sundays Josh Martin

Anonymous said...

Defense Olinger. Offense. Garrert