Monday, December 17, 2012

Time to Go

Time to go...

I woke up this morning to the sobering stats posted by Bruce Wood at Big Green Alert.

Over the last five years, Columbia is still dead last in the Ivies in the all-important Won-Loss column.

This is getting more than tiresome to point out, but this record of worst-in-the-league failure from 2008-present not only all comes under Dianne Murphy's tenure, it comes fully FOUR YEARS after her tenure as Athletic Director began in 2004.

While the jury is still out on her hiring of Pete Mangurian as head coach, let me once again state without any equivocation that it's really past time for Murphy to go. The basketball and football teams, the core of any college sports programs, are simply not stronger than they were when she started relative to the rest of the league. Murphy's defenders cannot change that embarrassing fact. 

And I'm tired of being embarrassed.

2012 is about to end. Murphy has had more than eight years in this job. Let's start 2013 with a clean slate and bring in a new AD. 

Brett Nottingham

Surprise Me

I've made no secret of my love of transfers when it comes to Columbia football.

Now, I am making an open appeal to Stanford QB and soon-to-be transfer Brett Nottingham


Here's my Pitch;

1) Most of the other Ivies already have very solid veteran QB's returning for next year but CU is losing a 4-year starter to graduation and the job is up for grabs,

2) Within hours of the news of your new commitment to Columbia, you WILL get a super summer job at the bank, investment firm, media company, of your choice. (Not that I can personally guarantee that, it's just a prediction... but a good guess).

3) The NYC news media will pick up on the story big time and go with it. We love it when out-of-towners choose to come here. New Yorkers seem jaded, but we root hard for this city all the time.

Okay, maybe it's a long shot. But Nottingham would be a big hit here and we're ready. Hopefully if he is even remotely interested, we won't do anything to discourage that interest,   

Nottingham graduated from Monte Vista HS in Danville, CA. Only one other Monte Vista high grad has come to play football at Columbia according to my Lion Feeder HS Data Base, but at least there's some connection. 

 I'd like to be surprised on this one.


Anonymous said...

Has any Ivy ever had a football transfer from Stanford?

oldlion said...

Yes. The great sportswriter Paul Zimmerman was a lineman at Stanford who transferred to Columbia in the 1950s

oldlion said...

Austin out at Cornell. Jake, que pass?

#1 Lion said...

I don't think that we've had a transfer FROM Stanford, however, I recall 1-2 players who left Columbia and walked on at Stanford.

GREAT job Jake on the recap. Yes, Diane had done a wonderful job transforming CU's athletic infrastructure, but her only solid selection with coaches has been Boretti, the baseball coach. At least he contends and produces players! Her Staff are afraid of her and she is surrounded by "Yes" men and women.

RE: Football... the jury is still out; especially since we haven't seen the "Four Year Plan". Unfortunately, I think Mangurrian is a cross between Shoop and Garrett. That became more evident as the year progressed. Before OLDLION and the rest of the Blind Mice chime in, I am aware that we are stuck with him for three next three years. At the end of year three, just don't go ask for an extension, like O'Bama did, because things were so broken before he got there...

RE: Basketball (Men's) - Clearly, this is Ray Tellier Syndrome - Nice guy, can't coach!... We've see that movie before. By the way, how many NYC kids do we have on the team now? How about NY State? The answer is the same ZERO???!!! How can you be in the cultural mecca of basketball and not have ANY players representing the City? Get a Blue Chipper and that’s all that the media will talk about.

Anonymous said...

I find it astounding that any supposedly knowledgable Columbia sports fan posting on this blog would criticize Dr. Murphy's hire of Coach Smith as our men's basketball coach. Surely the person who describes himself as the "#1 Lion Fan" has to either be kidding or is just plain ignorant of what is going on in the Columbia men's basketball program if he thinks Coach Smith is a "nice guy who can't coach." Either the "#1 Lion Fan" has not seen many or even any Columbia Men's Basketball games since Smith took charge in May, 2010. For if he any familiarity at all with Columbia Basketball in particular, or College Basketball, in general, he would know that Smith is an outstanding all-around coach, with an excellent understanding of fundementals and game strategy and is a remarkably good teacher. I have seen twenty + Columbia basketball games during Coach Smith's brief tenure and cannot remember any instance of bad coaching. Furthermore, Coach Smith's first team compiled a 15-13 record that was vastly superior to the record of the team he inherited. His second year team went 15-15 although it's star player, Noruwa Agho, experienced a season ending injury in the second game of the year. This year, the Lions are 5-4, defeated Villanova by double digits and are now expected to compete for the Ivy League Championship with Harvard and Princeton. As far as recruiting is concerned, #1Lion Fan is correct that it would be nice if Columbia could land a big-time recruit from New York City. In that regard, it is my understanding that the Columbia Coaching Staff is working hard to do just that, and has generated strong interest in Columbia from a number of outstanding players in the Classes of 2014 and 2015. In the meantime, it is not necessarily a given that you need players from New York City to win Ivy League Championships. If you look at the rosters of the last ten to twenty Ivy League Champions, maybe one or two had a player from NYC, but that's it. It's really not a bad thing to recruit basketball players from all over the United States and Canada. Incidentally, Smith is doing a good job of recruiting top quality players without having the benefit of a huge reduction in academic standards as has occurred up at that Ivy League school in Massachusetts. And also without committing any recruiting violations as has happened up there as well.

Anonymous said...

Anybody who calls our President (and fellow alumnus) "O'Bama" is not worthy of being taken seriously.

Either he/she is an idiot who doesn't read the papers (in that misspelling the President's name is not forgivable for an educated person), or a crank who wants to belittle the President in a mocking tone.

Both are behaviors not becoming of a supposed intellectual graduate of Columbia, and reflects poorly on the institution and all her alumni.

#1 Lion said...

This is what I don't get??? You can go to all of the CU basketball games that you want, the bottom line is that the basketball teams has UNDERACHIEVED. They were supposed to be in the title hunt LAST YEAR! What’s the excuse going to be this year? Where is the mystery? Last year, you were the one saying (after Agho got hurt against CT), they were a better team now. Clearly that was (is) not the case. Furthermore, speaking of Agho, he’s not even playing for this coach even after he withdrew last Spring to get a full Red Shirt year. Why is that??? He was an All-Ivy player!

Yes, they beat Villanova; GREAT win! A historical win, I agree. However, then they go lose 3 out of the next five games. One team they beat, Wayland Baptist (which, by the way, listed the Columbia game as an EXHIBITION on their web site, versus our web site as a “win”: , is an NAIA school for goodness sakes! After the Villanova win, CU lost to LIU-Brooklyn – which had three starters suspended for selling pot. Come on…

I’m not saying that you need NYC players to win Ivy Championships, but it would help to get our name out more prominently in the City and around the country. To me, it’s tantamount to having no lacrosse players from Long Island on Hofstra’s lacrosse tea.

You can point fingers at Ammaker all you want, but he wins! He’s got two minor NCAA violations against him (his staff) for cell phone infractions ; and now two key player got caught cheating… So what?

And we’re honoring Marcellus Wiley at our annual Ivy League diner in a few weeks – where is our moral high road (for those of you who know what I am talking about)?

Yes, Obama was spelled incorrectly. It was a spell check issue and it is inexcusable, I agree!

Anonymous said...

our fellow you were one of the few people who actually knew him on campus? you do realize they polled his year to get insights from people that knew him yet nobody could recall him.
i just find it interesting when a person is not losing, like our president, notice i didnt say winning, everybody is quick to jump on the bandwagon.
we have sucked at the major sports for so long it is almost laughable if i werent crying.
in the olden days, teams like georgia tech and the like were winners because of their prowess in recruiting in NY. That tradition has been passed down to others, just not CU.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who accepts that "O'Bama" is a spellcheck error and not an intentional slight is someone to whom I would like to sell a suspension bridge between Brooklyn Heights and Lower Manhattan.

Anonymous said...

from Wikipedia:

Following the 2006–07 NCAA Division I men's basketball season, Harvard had endured five consecutive non-winning seasons, a streak that Amaker would not halt until his third year.

Anonymous said...

The most important element, by far, of success in college sports is recruiting. Success at recruiting depends on different variables, but schools without a recent history of success have a steeper hill to climb. To the extent that we help generate negative buzz, we're making things even more difficult. What's the point, the need for some sort of catharsis or some kind of let's shoot ourselves in the foot symdrome?

A year ago many of us thought a change needed to be made in football, and some of us told Dr. Murphy that face to face. A change was made. It's impossible to tell at this point how that will turn out, but why anyone who claims to be a fan would presume that it won't turn out well simply isn't a fan.

For whatever reason, there is a smaller number of good basketball players coming out of NY and Long Island than was the case 20, 30 and 40 years ago. Jersey, on the other hand, is stronger than it used to be and turns out a proportionately larger number of good players. We've recruited Jersey pretty well (Agho, Cisco, Frankoski).

Smith appears to have built a pretty good foundation. I'm pretty sure that the LIU team we faced had the 3 suspended players reinstated, and Marist seems to be a Jekyl and Hyde team; two days ago both LIU and Marist blew their pretty good oponents (Manhattan and ?)out. Mullins looks like a special player. There is a rational basis for cautious optimism, not for cynicism.

And I'll repeat an obvious point I've made on these various boards: current coaches and teams are not responsible for what preceded them and should not be burdened with our frustrations about the past.

Anonymous said...

By the way #1 Lion, Coach Mangurian's name is spelled M-A-N-G-U-R-I-A-N. Only one R. I can't tell you how many times you've messed it up on this blog. You already are a negative Nancy and take every possible shot you can at the coaches and program (which is incredibly irritating and you only undermined everything any of the Columbia coaches are trying to do when you say it), the least you could do is spell the man's last name right.

RedTiger61 said...

this BLOG is beginning to descend into the same depths as Voy Forums ... cut the uktranef=gative criticism ....

Anonymous said...

It takes time for new coaches to establish contacts with HS coaches and set up recruiting streams. Both Smith and Mangurian have been well outside the east's secondary schools' areas.

And, if people like Mullins aren't from the Met area, who cares!!!

#1 Lion said...

Hey, if we were spelling "Gilmore" we would have had more wins and we wouldn't have these discussions... Instead, we're stuck with an egotistical, inflexible coach! it still burns me that we had TWO time outs after time ran out at the Penn game. Well done!

Anonymous said...

To #1 Lion,

I'm disappointed that you would point to Tommy Amaker as an example of an Ivy coach to emulate solely because "he wins!" First of all, the NCAA infractions were not simply cell phone incidents with his staff. The main infraction was that Amaker intentionally misled the Ivy League office and the NCAA about his plans to hire Kenny Blakeney prior to Blakeney playing pick-up games with Harvard recruits during no-contact periods.

Secondly, Amaker is making a mockery of Harvard academic standards in particular and Ivy League AI guidelines in general. Of course it's Harvard's own business if they want to lower their admissions standards for a better basketball team but, once Amaker starts circumventing AI rules, then it's the League's business.

We are one of eight members in a conference whose only raison d'etre is to protect academic principles in athletics. If we're going to abandon academics just for more wins on the court, what's the goddamn point?

No thanks, leave me and our great university out of the race to the bottom. You and Tommy Amaker can have a good time turning the Ivy League into the SEC North.

Anonymous said...

You nailed it!!

Anonymous said...

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