Monday, December 17, 2012

BREAKING: Austin out at Cornell

Kent Austin

I was waiting for more confirmation of this story, but now here it is:

Cornell Head Coach Kent Austin is going back to the CFL and leaving the Big Red high and dry.

I thought Austin was doing a generally good job turning the program around, and his development of the Big Red passing game with NFL-prospect Jeff Mathews at QB was a big achievement. 

But I fear that Austin may have bailed too soon. Perhaps he saw his team's defensive problems as too hard to recruit out of. Perhaps he felt that teams not named "Harvard or Penn" have too much of a recruiting disadvantage in the Ivies. Perhaps he is getting much better money up north.

Whatever the reason, I think there's a good chance Austin has made a mistake. Cornell's athletic department is very well run and has had huge success in every sport but football recently... and there was evidence it was turning the corner there as well.

This has to be a big blow to the players, even those who were rubbed the wrong way last year when Austin basically banned summer internships outside of Ithaca.

And I thought this would be the first year in a long time with no coaching changes in the Ivy ranks. 


Anonymous said...

Jake, there were no (head) coaching changes in the 2010-11 offseason.

oldlion said...

Look, Cornell was thoroughly outplayed by us one week after we played the worst game in modern Columbia history. What did that outing say to Austin about his rebuilding program? And one word on the comments about Dianne and our basketball and football HCs- they are not helpful. In fact, they are counterproductive.

Anonymous said...

Jake, Stanford's Brett Nottingham attended the same high school as our star basketball player,Brian Barbour, but any chance we had of having Nottingham transfer to Columbia may have gone down the drain yesterday thanks to the silly post on this Board by the "#l Lion Fan." I would urge you to edit any comment that is clearly wrong.

#1 Lion said...

Nottingham hasn’t spoken to a CU coach about transferring, and I’m the problem??? Nottingham will most likely transfer to one of the previous schools that recruited him ( Yeah, keep in mind that I was (am) the one advocating for Well Childress' brother to transfer in from West VA; genius! Based on your logic, and that of OldLion, we shouldn’t look at Nottingham. Since he is a Red Shirt Junior, he would only apply to General Studies, and the two of you would a have hissy fits.

Anonymous said...

counterproductive is the status quo we have now.