Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Here Comes the 'Cuse

Even if Columbia went 10-0, there would be no postseason football for the Lions.

The Ivy League has banned postseason play for almost 60 years running.

But at least Columbia can help another New York team prepare for its big game.

The Syracuse Orangemen will begin using Wien Stadium this morning as they prepare for the Pinstripe Bowl against West Virginia this Saturday.

WVU is working out at Fordham's Jack Coffey Field.

With heavy rains and wind coming our way, I'm not sure how much work the teams will get in over the next two days.

Recruiting News Still Scant

We're still waiting for more substantial recruiting news, but this article about all the talent in Mercer County, New Jersey lists a number of players Columbia may be interested in. One specific mention is TE Lewis Hayes from Lawrenceville Academy. Hayes is 6-5 and 220 pounds.

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RedTiger61 said...

... the Dartmouth football blog says that Columbia and Dartmouth (and Ole Miss) are interested in a 6-foot-8 offensive lineman from Metarie, LA ....