Friday, August 28, 2015


Some of the football staff is using the hashtag #fullpadsfriday to title today's practice which is indeed the first day in full pads for Columbia's 2015 training camp.

Of course the first hope is that none of the players gets injured now that the hitting is getting real. But we also hope whatever the coaches need to learn about the players gets learned right now so the best game planning can begin as soon as possible.

More Predictions

Lynchburg, VA-based journalist Chris Lang has just published a short Ivy League preview where he picks Harvard to win the title and correctly lists Al Bagnoli's move to Columbia as one of the most compelling stories of the year.

He also makes a good case that Harvard has the easiest schedule of any team in the Ivies. This is something that's happened a lot recently with the decline of some of the Crimson's traditional non-conference opponents and the scheduling of new opponents who are just plain weaker.

With a road game against the powerful Fordham Rams and another game against a very strong Wagner team loaded with FBS transfers, you could argue Columbia's overall schedule is much tougher than the defending two-time Ivy champion.

Illini Coach Canned

The University of Illinois just fired Head Coach Tim Beckman at least in part over allegations that he shamed injured players into playing anyway.

Hmm... where have I heard that before?


oldlion said...

Interesting comments from Al on yesterday's video. We have talent on both sides. Consistency, practice and procedure and what is needed now.

alawicius said...

Also players optimistic, say "We're lookin' good!"

Anonymous said...

The Beckman firing happened because players stepped forward with specific allegations. The CU players didn't do that. Wasn't it a weak letter to Pres that was retracted?

Huge upset today. North Dakota State loses a close one to Montana. Could this be the season of FCS upsets? Let's hope so.

And Jake I am pretty sure your blog is infected with adware. It keeps forwarding the page to I don't know what can be done about it but it is not my computer doing it. It just happens when I come here.