Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Getting Real

See you in six days

We still don’t have a totally updated roster with new weights. But now every player has a number, (except QB Kyle Castner for some reason. Castner did have surgery in July, so it’s possible he’s on some kind of PUP list).

Also, every player named on the roster now is actually on the team. There have been some losses. Officially gone are DB Nicholas Annabi, LB Jacob Ardron, OL Anthony Bonadies, DB Lorenzo Bradford, WR Chris Connors, OL Keith Ramljak and DB Devin Williams.

For those of you who were fans of Connors, I believe injuries played the biggest role in his departure from the team. Injuries also forced Ramljak to go and I assume they played a role in some of the other losses too.

And as I reported earlier this year, DB Brandon Blackshear, WR Isaiah Gross, LB’s Mark Cieslak and Parker Tobia, and of course DL’s Chad Washington and Charles Melka are back on the team.

LB Jake Young, who was recruited by the wrestling team at CU is also now officially on the roster.

That makes 103 players on the roster as of now.

Getting back to jersey numbers, DL Toba Akinleye has changed his number to 8, which is also the number given to new QB Skyler Mornhinweg.

The season officially starts in six days as training camp begins. Hopefully by then we’ll get a few more details filled in like those weights and a look at the new uniforms.


And right on cue, the football program has just released this video titled, "Preseason Pump Up."

Schedule Quirk

And this might be the oddest reason for a late start time that I’ve ever heard.

Bruce Wood at Big Green Alert reports that the reason why the October 24th Columbia-Dartmouth game in Hanover is at 3pm is because there are classes scheduled for that morning for many undergrads. Why are classes scheduled on a Saturday? They’re to make up for classes that are being canceled at the beginning of the semester for Rosh Hashanah.

I know Harvard moved a night game a few years back because it was the same night as the beginning of Yom Kippur, but this is really something new.


Chick said...

Just curious but come again on the uniform No. 8, Jake. According to what you wrote QB Mornhinweg was assigned No. 8 but
Akinleye decided to change his number to 8 also. He's a defensive lineman whose numbers are usually in the 80s not in qb country.

The roster on the AD website shows both players with No. 8. Who's in charge of what here?

Jake said...

Chick: it's simple math.

There are 99 available numbers.

There are 103 active players.

Four guys are going to need to share numbers.

I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

Is Blackshear any sort of kin to Cheston Blackshear, who coached under Nporries and then became head coach at Williams, where he's hd some success?And what about QB Max Mullaney, from Rumson/Fair Haven H.S. and then Colt's Beck H.S, in Jersey7, whos' tweeted already that he's accepted an offer from Columbia. Unless they're planning to convert the good-sized Mullaney I don't quite see this one, since his record as QB after two years at the position is something like 1-18.

Jake said...

Blackshear the player and Blackshear the coach are not related. But it was Aaron Kelton who went on to be the HC at Williams. Finally, I believe Mullaney is a 2016 commit.

alawicius said...

I like the lion's roar at the end of the pump-up...understated but powerful. From what we've seen so far, this year has got to be different!