Monday, August 31, 2015

Weighty Weight Data

Sorry for the delay, but here are all the new weights of the players and their corresponding gain or loss in parentheses. Some of the most interesting changes I have put in bold and I have some highlights in the comments below:

Brandon Blackshear 177 (-6)

Trevor Bell  178 (+3)

Cameron Dunn 209 (+10)

Chad Washington 259 (+7)

Alan Watson  176 (-2)

Cameron Nizialek  206 (+13)

Trevor McDonagh  207 (+3)

Toba Akinleye 254 (+24)

Toure Douglas 204 (+1)

Dylan Weldon 164 (-4)

Denzel Hill  196 (+4)

Anders Hill 214 (+6)

Nicholas Annabi  193 (+3)

Kyle Castner  203 (-12)

Ryan Suitt  164 (-16)

Jacob Young  185 (+5)

Colinn Early  174  (+7)

Daniel Hong  215 (+5)

Ben Kaplan  191 (-1)

Hank Trumbull  236 (+35)   

Scooter Hollis  175 (+3)

Matthew Cahal  198 (+9)

Jared Katz  200 (-2)

Brock Kenyon  199 (+4)

Cameron Roane  193 (+3)

Leander Cutler  215  (+13)

Kevin McCarthy  207 (+7)

Willie Peoples  199 (+9)

Lucas Faria  223 (+33)   

Tre Gabriel  151 (-6)

H.T. Minor  173 (-5)

Landon Baty  183  (+3)

Ryan Gilbert  176 (-4)

Cameron Molina  200 (+7)

Chris Schroer  209 (-6)

Tyler Holmes  174 (+4)

Gianmarco Rea  232 (+15)

Parker Tobia  225 (+10)

Christian Conway  205 (-10)

Joshua Foster  178 (+3)

Turner DeMuth  205 (+13)

John Hunton  243 (+12)

Travis Reim  193 (+1)

Ian Tyler  231 (+28)

Logan Waters  213 (+3)

Hagen Patterson  223 (+1)

Max Keefe  230 (+14)

Tyler Kwiatkowski 223 (+12)

Jackson Conway  235 (no change)

Sean White  228 (+3)

Nick Durham  254 (+17)

Mark Cieslak  237 (+14)

Clay Caruso  226 (+6)

Keith Brady  230 (+17)

Greg Washington  232 (+17)

Cal Falkenhayn  223 (-7)

Jason Vravick  227 (-3)

Charles Melka  251 (+21)

Justin Aimonetti  272 (+21)

Mike Hinton  224 (-3)

Tyler Schonewolf  260 (no change)

Markham Paukune  303 (+13)

Nathan Gibbs  288 (+8)

Reid Stables  282 (+13)

Patrick Eby  230 (-10)

Cole McDonough  307 (+17)  

Bewley Wales  300 (+12)

Michael McGrath  318 (+16)

David Donovan  237 (+19)

Patrick Denny  275 (+14)

Benjamin Robbins  298 (+10)

Liam Talty  245 (+5)

Connor Halm  280 (no change)

Billy Lawrence  296 (+21)

Marshall Markham  282 (+12)

JD Hurt  285 (+27)

Kendall Pace  297 (+24)

Peter Szymanski  268 (-12)

Brock Anglin  240 (-5)

Charlie Flores  293 (+10)

Isaiah Gross  183 (no change)

Marcus Briscoe  211 (+6)

Brandon Krcilek  172 (-13)

Chris Alleyne  185 (no change)

Matt Munsil  191 (-4)

Adam Armesto  223 (-17)

Luke Melsop  219 (-1)

Andrew Dobitsch  175 (-1)

Bailey Popeck  234 (+5)

Zach Dansby  240 (+20)  

Dominic Perkovic  259 (+23)

Matthew Panton  215 (-5)

Alexander Holme  265 (+50)

Connor Heeb  262 (+12)

Niko Padilla  294 (+6)

William Carson  276 (+6)

Lord Hyeamang  277 (+25)

Hunter Little  255 (+1)

Collin Breckenridge  271 (-15)

Parker Thome  200 (+8)

Noah Zgrablich  190 (no change)


It's important to remember that not all weight gains and losses are by coaches' design, (orders), and not all the gains and losses mean the players were working hard over the summer.

But for the most part, these changes are indeed by design and I think generally positive after the previous coaching regime made a deliberate total mess of the players' weights for three years.

Offensive Line 

Every year, Columbia fans fret mostly over the weights of our often undersized offensive line. This year, the average weight of the 11 returning O-linemen is 293 pounds, up 14 pounds per player. Every veteran O-lineman gained weight. This is very good news.

Projected starters like Billy Lawrence and Kendall Pace added more than 20 pounds each. Charlie Flores and Marshall Markham both added 10 or more each.

Defensive Line

Before you even talk about the weights for what most believe is the most talented unit on the team, you have to marvel at the potential depth. The D-line has 16 returning veterans and three freshman for a remarkable 19 players.

15 of those 16 returning D-linemen gained weight. The one exception was Collin Breckenridge who lost 15 pounds and I think there may be more to that story. The average weight gain for the veterans was 16 pounds per player. (Strip out the outlier Breckenridge's weight and the average gain is 18 pounds per veteran). The biggest gain or loss on the entire team was Alexander Holme's 50-pound gain as he made the move from linebacker to the D-line.

Really notable though was the big 25 pound gain by Lord Hyeamang, who you might have caught on one of the Instagram or Twitter videos the football program has been posting during training camp. You might have also noticed that Hyeamang doesn't have a bit of belly fat on him and huge arms. For a player who made a good impact as a frosh last year, you have to be excited by his bigger size and better weight lifting stats as well. I stand behind my prediction that Hyeamang has a great chance to be a breakout player this year.

And don't sleep on the guys we expect to have big years anyway: Niko Padilla and Toba Akinleye. Akinleye's 24 pound gain seems like a big warning bell for the rest of the Ivies. Padilla's added six pounds are all muscle or my name is Orson Welles.

I also think the coaches have decided that the strength of the D-line should be boosted as opposed to maybe reassigning some of the better athletes up front to other areas of the team where they might fill a talent gap. This was Head Coach Al Bagnoli's M.O. at Penn, where he often overstacked already strong units of the Quakers and tried to make them as dominant as possible as opposed to diluting the strength.


Don't overlook the big changes for the 10 returning linebackers. Each of them gained weight over the summer and the biggest gains seem to be coming from the most likely starters. On average, the weight gain for the returning vets was 12 pounds per player led by Ian Tyler at 28 pounds. Key players who I think are going to really start or contribute, like Gianmarco Rea, Max Keefe, Mark Cieslak, and Keith Brady all gained at least 14 pounds each.

This was a unit we all knew needed to get bigger and stronger and it appears it has.


The average weight of the 11 returning defensive backs only increased by three pounds. But the average weight of the veteran secondary is 188 pounds with a lot of projected starters either at or knocking on that 200 pound level. If the d-backs can keep up with receivers at that weight, we could be in for a season of some heavier hitting from the secondary.

The Freshmen

A few of the freshmen at both ends of the weight scale should be noted.

Tre Gabriel was fast at 157 pounds, maybe he'll be a blur at his current weight of 151. Don't let his weight fool you though, he's all muscle.

If DT Cole McDonough's 17 pound weight gain is all about gaining strength and power, then he has a chance to be a very special player in this league.

The weight losses for QB Ryan Suitt and DE Mike Hinton lead me to believe some kind of position change may be in store for them. Both of them are super fast and could make more of an impact elsewhere. Suitt mike make a great WR and Hinton could excel more at LB. This is just my speculation.

I have to think Lucas Faria's weight gain is all about gaining some bulk for the college game.


Bob Hast said...

Lucas Faria is about 190

Unknown said...

I think that there are serious NFL and CFL caliber players on the roster. Niko Padilla had to get closer to 300 to help his NFL stock. He could be a beast in the CFL as most undersized lineman (only 6'1). Toba Akinleye was a little too small for NFL teams coming into the season. Now that he has gained bulk, he he is a more versatile pass rusher now. If not, he would do well in the CFL because of his ability in open space. Cameron Molina is not fast enough for the NFL but is quick in space and and that translates well to the CFL.

alawicius said...

Bob Hast, are you totally denying Faria's new listed weight of 223?

Jake said...

It indeed could be wrong. Mistakes happen.

oldlion said...

I am surprised to read the comment that Molina lacks speed. His effectiveness as a receiver is based in large part on his speed. I'm not saying he is a 4.4 guy but I would expect him to be somewhere in the 4.5/4.6 range.

Anonymous said...

I am feeling OPTIMISTIC this is going to be a season for the Ivy underdog (excluding Cornell of course since they are unfortunate bottom dweller).

Chen1982 said...

Hard to see a running back adding 30 lbs! Changes his running physics a lot!

Eight guys over 290
Thirteen over 280. A lot of beef to choose from for Oline. Can't be bad.

Controlling my enthusiasm however. . . . .

josh gershfield said...

The Molina comment I made was false. He ran 4.60 in a 40 yard dash coming out of high school. He is probrably 4.45-4.55 right now. That's why is will be good in Canada. If he gets to 1000 yards and Columbia uses him as a " bell-cow" running back and give Jackson Conway 10-15 carries, we can actually be in the top 5 in the Ivy league.