Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The First Rule of Ivy Football is YOU DON'T talk about Ivy Football

Today is the Ivy League Football media day and the release of the preseason poll. 

But unlike other recent years on the Ivy League Sports website, there's no mention of the event or how to hear it online. 

Has there been a change in staff at the League offices or do they all just want to keep things quieter this year for fear of attracting new fans?

If we ever do learn how to follow the Media Day coaches teleconference, expect all too many jokes about how everyone thought they had said goodbye to Head Coach Al Bagnoli last year. 

Other than that, we usually get a decent idea of where the teams stand regarding their depth charts. 

Hopefully, I'll have an update later. 


oldlion said...

The transcript is up. Nottingham can't feel very good. Al mentioned Mornhinweg in terms which led me to believe he is the presumptive starter, followed by Hill and then McDonagh. He also touted the DL and noted the return of Washington and Little.

RLB said...

A tweet said the audio will be online soon.(another tweet?)

CUAD site has a lot by Bagnoli.