Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Polls are in

The first FCS poll is out and I'd say the biggest surprise, or injustice in my book, is the fact that Dartmouth didn't get any votes. Fordham coming in ahead of Harvard is another mistake in my estimation, as is Yale getting four votes.
Also, when did Bucknell get so good? I was really surprised to see the Bison get nine votes. But a closer look shows that Bucknell just barely came in second in the Patriot League preseason media poll, only three votes behind Fordham for first place.

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Don Antaky said...

Just wanted to give some info on Bucknell. Saw them play last year twice. They are a damned good team with an excellent coach. They went head to head with Fordham last year, albeit Nebrich was out.

Bucknell has improved in each of the last two seasons, and last season had its highest overall win total since 1997 at 8-3 while going 4-2 in the Patriot League. The Bison came just shy of winning the League title, and have 13 starters back to try and finish the job. The six starters back on offense include quarterback R.J. Nitti (1,553 yards, 13 TDs), running back C.J. Williams (901 yards, 9 TD) and wide receiver Will Carter (53 rec., 959 yards, 9 TDs), with the latter two earning Preseason All-Patriot League status along with offensive linemen Ramy Kased and Julie'n Davenport. Three first-team All-Patriot League players depart on defense including 2014 Defensive Player of the Year Evan Byers at linebacker, but the Bison have seven starters back on the unit including Preseason All-League picks in Abdullah Anderson (28 TT) on the line and Clayton Ewell (53 TT, 4 INT) in the secondary.

#1 Lion said...

I spoke with Tom (Gilmore) last year when I was recruiting him to apply for the open CU spot. He told me that this year will be a VERY GOOD year and that next year could be his best team ever in the Patriot League. I bet they take 1st or 2nd place and make the payoffs! Never bet against Gilmore!

Coach said...

Gilmore stayed at Holy Cross too long- not a real football school - too hard to get players in-

oldlion said...

So has Bucknell gone the Fordham route, with lots of athletic scholarships and easy admissions for football players?

Don Antaky said...

All the Patriot League teams are giving athletic scholarships except Georgetown. Being a little familiar with the Fordham football team, I can say that most of players I have met are pretty upstanding guys. Coach Moorhead is very serious about school responsibilities. As a matter fact some of the top players last year were pretty solid students.

alswingman said...

Whenever I think of Holy Cross, I think of Gordie Lockbaum. I'm always thinking they have to have more good players, they had him!

As for this poll, I am seeing the same teams year after year. Tired of seeing Harvard ranked. They have depth and a brand, have to give credit where it is due but it is time to knock them off that pedestal.

I wonder what happened to Idaho State. They had a breakout run last season. Maybe they lost some players.