Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Ranked Out

I haven’t had a chance to comment on the Ivy League preseason media poll that came out two weeks ago.

For those of you who missed it or forgot, the poll came out this way:


First-Place Votes in Parentheses
Harvard (11)
Dartmouth (4)
Yale (1)
Brown (1)

I don’t want to spend too much time going on about a poll that means almost nothing and will mean even less when the season starts.

So I thought I’d just  write 1-2 sentences on whether I think each team is overrated, underrated, or accurately rated.

That’s about all the time a poll really deserves.


Rated right. I think you have to favor the Crimson to win the title again based on the offense alone. It also doesn’t hurt that Harvard plays its toughest Ivy opponent this year at home.


Rated right. The Big Green have a great shot to win the title and I think they have the best overall player in the Ivies. But that road game at Harvard gives me a lot of pause.


Overrated. I will write a longer piece explaining this later on, but you just don’t replace a player like Tyler Varga in the Ivies.


Overrated. I’m still not convinced Bob Surace can field a truly contending team without Caraun Reid.


Underrated. How the heck this team went 5-5 last year with all the rookie players is a question that can only be answered by the fact that Phil Estes is the head coach. Last I checked, Estes was still there and his players aren’t all rookies this year.


Underrated. Ray Priore has probably the best motivation to succeed in year one than any coach in Ivy history. And the two transfers he picked up this off season could make a huge impact.


Rated right. No one is going to give a team on an 0-21 losing streak a vote to go higher than seventh. As it is, not voting the Lions last is actually a big sign of respect for Al Bagnoli.


Rated right. The Big Red’s hard fall the last few years hasn’t gotten enough attention because everyone’s  been focused on the worse problems at Columbia. I see no real reason to believe a big improvement is near.

My more complete Ivy League preview for the 2015 season is coming in September. 


gogringo said...

seems about right

Big Dawg said...

Agree with Jake. Cornell is our best league shot, with Penn #2, given the recent history. G'town is maybe another. Imagine if we pull out 3 wins! (I'm hoping for more)

Chen1982 said...

I think Jake is as positive as any of us about all the changes, but he is not succumbing to over-exuberance. The 5-5 prognosticators (God bless your souls) will be disappointed by Thanksgiving. But the rest of us are likely to be to one degree or another encouraged, with a couple of Ivy wins and a clear improvement in competitiveness. Let's aim to finish higher than the preseason ranking That would be "a win" for the program in my view

On another topic, I read some of the Novak-Aliwicius vitriol. What gives? I am a total outsider to this. Someone clue me in. Feels to me we should bury the hatchet and/or give amnesty. Probably we all want the same outcome: a winning program....right? One thing I do agree with on this blog is why doesn't everyone identify themselves? I'd love to know names and classes.

alawicius said...

Chen, thanks for your input on the "vitriol' between Jake and me. Just a misunderstanding. If Jake will concur I believe the hatchet has already been buried, see my post to the top article today. Roar Lions!

Jake said...

I'm done. Let's hope the coming season will definitively prove that we could have being doing better all along and that all the best decisions should have been made much sooner.

Chen1982 said...

If Bags and his coaches and his track record and all these new recruits goes 0-20, then I will abandon all hope and just follow basketball. At that point I will be 57 and medically and emotionally unequipped to carry on

But I just don't think that's gonna happen!

alawicius said...

Jake, what's the point of holding on to bitterness about how long it took. The past was necessary to bring about a great future. By the way, I'm guessing the new force out of the backfield is Jackson Conway, who at 235 lbs. would fit your description as hard to tackle by Ivy League defenders. Can you say if I'm right, and if so whether he's slated for tailback or fullback?

Anonymous said...

I know Estes is one of the best but Brown is known to hit rough patches. This looks like one of those stretches. I just don't see them as a contender this season. Yale is a wildcard. Losing Varga of course, the lack of a credible D points south. They do have good RBs regardless and a solid QB as well as size up front. My theory is based on a dislike for Tony Reno so I wish for them to fail.

Penn is awful. They should end up dead last in the conference if not for Cornell's dreadful D. Princeton has outstanding athleticism and team speed, should be enough to outscore many opponents.

I'm still seeing 5-5 for CU.