Monday, November 2, 2015

Another Commit

A 6-4 O-lineman from Tennessee has just committed to Columbia. His name is Joe Scowden from Montgomery Bell HS in Nashville, TN. 

More on him tomorrow. 


Coach said...

Jake: can you update any Columbia freshman who are getting any playing time?

oldlion said...

Jacob Young, #14, is returning punts. He was the happiest guy in the Yale Bowl when Yale could not convert after he muffed a punt toward the end of the first half. He is a really hard nosed kid who plays on the kicking team and flys downfield. #82, the WR whose name I cannot spell, is in the two deep and has been on the field. He may have a few catches. I think there is an OL on the two deep as well.

Jake said...

Freshmen who have cracked the STAT sheet:

1) WR Brandon Krcilek: 4 receptions for 21 yards

2) DB Jake Young: 2 punt returns for 10 yards, (numerous fair catches)

3) RB Lucas Faria: 1 special teams tackle

4) WR Matt Munsil: 1 special teams tackle