Monday, November 30, 2015

Mac Gets the Title

Former Columbia Head Coach Larry McElreavy led his Newport High School football team to a perfect 11-0 season and won the state championship with a 48-14.

The entire season was nicely documented by the local papers in a five part video series you can see here.

I'm really happy for Coach Mac and all his players.

Hunter in the Hunt

Speaking of high school, the one incoming Columbia freshmen that we know is still playing football right now is QB Hunter Petlansky. And Petlansky is about to play in a championship game of his own after his Central Catholic team gutted Placer 48-14 in the Division III semifinal. 


Kiernan said...

Great story about Coach Mac; I'm so happy for him.

Chen1982 said...

Perhaps he could use a special teams coach from an urban Ivy League school to help him rebuild ?