Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Scouting Brown: 10 things

Welcome to the post I've been dreading all season long.

I've been dreading posting my thoughts about Brown because they're a very hard team to figure out over the past two years. And since unconfirmed injuries play a huge role in their fate, it's even harder to get a handle of the Bears right now.

Throw in one more wrench: Brown Head Coach Phil Estes likes to start many non-first team seniors for a series or two in the final game of the season even at some crucial positions.

Okay, enough whining. Here's what you need to know about Brown to watch this game in an informed way:

1) They lose the ball... a lot

Brown's turnover ratio is a galling minus-16. That includes 16 lost fumbles and 16 interceptions. This is a big reason why the Bears are giving up the most points per game in the Ivies. It's also why the potent offense with lots of good individual stats doesn't score as many points as it should and doesn't lead in overall time of possession.

2) The QB situation is unsettled

No one denies senior QB Marcus Fuller is talented, but he's not protecting the ball very well as evidenced by his 13 interceptions. He's been pulled from some games, and not just to protect him from injury. Junior Kyle Moreno has not been the answer in relief. Fuller can burn you, but he's never that much of a net positive.

3) The RB situation is all over the place

Lots of guys run the ball for the Bears. Junior Johnny Pena and senior Seth Rosenbauer, (who came to Brown as one of those "highly touted" QB's), do most of the job. Neither have been super effective. Senior Andrew Coke, who probably is the most talented back on the team, appears to be injured and out for this game.

4) These wide receivers are awesome

Now for the bad news for Brown's opponents: the wide receiver trio of senior Troy Doles, junior Alex Jette, and senior Brian Strachan are all big time players with heady stats. Doles is the deep threat who also has the most TD's in the group at six.

5) The O-line is protecting the QB's pretty well

The Bear front five is light and has trouble run blocking, but they've only allowed nine sacks all season.

6) The defense gives up a lot of yards on the ground

Brown gives up more than 150 yards on the ground per game and 4.4 yards per carry. The Bears have also allowed 17 rushing TD's. In Brown's current three-game losing streak, the Bears have given up an average of about 200 yards rushing per game.

7) Jordan Ferguson is a very good DB who can hurt you

Brown has been giving up a lot of passing yards too, but junior Jordan Ferguson is having a strong season with three interceptions, five pass breakups, and even a pair of tackles for a loss and fumble recovery.

8) Kicker Grant Senne seems to get better as the kicks get harder

Senne has missed four PAT's and five chip shot FG's, but he's perfect from 30 yards out and more. Huh?

9) Jette is an extremely dangerous returner

On punts and kickoffs, it's best to kick it away from Alex Jette. He can take it to the house at any time and has.

10) They're winning the battle of the flags

Brown has committed a decent six penalties per game, but opponents are getting flagged nine time per game and for a lot of yards.


oldlion said...

Jake, I understand that an outstanding football player from Episcopal High School in Alexandria, Virginia has just committed to Columbia.
I don't have a name.

Anonymous said...

Yea, not worried about Brown's O but their D is actually fairly decent (despite some hammerings this season, they have talent). This could be another evenly contested stalemate unless our O shows up.

Chen1982 said...

Would this not be the time to try some of our freshman RBs and WRs? Lucas Faria? Coaching staff should try to get a read on next year's potential O starters. And we need something to spark a different outcome on offense don't we?