Monday, November 2, 2015

Murphy's Getting Ready

After Friday night's big 14-13 win over Dartmouth, Harvard Head Coach Tim Murphy is already looking very closely at Columbia.

Here's what he said about the Lions to the Boston Herald yesterday:

“Our kids just watched one hour and 30 minutes of film on Columbia in our team meeting. Everyone is impressed by their defense. Against three of the best offenses in the Ivy League, Columbia gave up zero touchdowns to Yale, one to Princeton, and one to Dartmouth,” Murphy said. “They probably have the best two defensive ends in the league, who are both physical pass rushers. They make it very difficult for the opposing quarterback to stand in the pocket. Plus, they do believe.”

You can read the whole article here.

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oldlion said...

The key for us is that our DL has to control the line of scrimmage and put pressure on the Harvard QB. Murphy is trying to come up with schemes to avoid the type of pressure that we were able to apply. He is studying the Penn game carefully, because the Penn OL controlled our DL. We didn't have Chad Washington available for the Penn game, and his presence is really important, not only because he is so good, but because it permits more rotations up front. DB Coach Jon Poppe probably can channel the inner Murphy and figure out what he is thinking.