Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Catching Up

Josh Martin makes a tackle

First, a quick NFL update as Josh Martin '13 is back in New York after the Jets signed him to their active roster yesterday. Look for Josh to make an impact on special teams and maybe more.

Second, the All Ivy list is out and it's nice that eight Lions have been honored compared to the much smaller numbers we saw in 2013 and 2014. 

RB Cameron Molina's inclusion on the 1st Team is especially gratifying considering all he had to endure the last four years. And considering his non-eye popping stats, it was also nice to see Toba Akinleye make the 1st Team too.

Two of Columbia's All Ivy honorees will return for 2016, DB Jared Katz and P/K Cameron Nizialek. They'll both be seniors next season. 

But expect big changes in positional assignments in the coming months as Al Bagnoli and his staff now have a full off season to do their work.


Chen1982 said...

Is everyone in end of season decompression? Not much chatter

Chick said...

Chen, how much can we chatter when 41 weeks remain until the next game for Ivy colleges? Most other conferences are still active and then there are playoffs and bowls. The Ivies are back in their PC shell, hoping they'll even have a football season next year lest it "offend" somebody.

Meanwhile, the program has a lot of work to do while we wait out those 41 weeks, starting with a strong finish to what we hope has been a good early effort in recruiting. Jake laid out the various positions that need the most attention. As mentioned before, another is a place kicker--recruit, transfer or improvement of someone on the roster. We also need to get better field position via kickoff and punt returns. A low-scoring offense definitely needs quality kick-returning and place-kicking.

My other hope for the off-season is that the program keeps fans in the loop more. This regime seems friendlier to that idea than previous ones which were as forthcoming as Stalin's KGB.

And of course, we can talk basketball. The Columbia women are 4-1, and the men may have their strongest team in Coach Smith's six seasons.

Chen1982 said...

Men's BB is good but has seemed to lack the second half killer punch to win the close ones. We're 8 points away from being 6-1.