Saturday, July 28, 2012

Meet the Leading Lions: Wells Childress


Early in 2011 I learned that the son of NFL great Ray Childress was transferring from Texas A&M to Columbia. 

We later learned that a wise professor at A&M had encouraged the studious Wells Childress to think about making the switch to the Ivy league. 

He had redshirted his first season at A&M, but he appeared at the 2011 spring game looking super big, strong and ready to play. 

When he came into camp it was obvious that Childress could be an impact player in this league, if not right away. 

He now wears his dad's familiar #79.

Career Highlights

-Got into five games with the varsity, but didn't make an impact until week 8 against Harvard when he recorded an 11 yard sack.

-Had a hand in the most important tackle of the season, teaming up with Chris Groth to stop Brown's Matt Sudfeld at the goal line on 4th down in double OT to seal the lone win of the season.

Scouting Report

Has great form, just needs to keep bulking up his strength. 

And there's evidence he has done that; Head Coach Pete Mangurian says Childress was the most improved defensive lineman of the spring.

Jake's Take

Columbia needs Childress to step it up this season and help defend the run aggressively. His personal enthusiasm for the game and life at Columbia are already evident. If he improves as much as advertised, there should be a significant upgrade for Columbia's defense this season. 


oldlion said...

Jake, I hope that Coach M posts in the locker room some of the revolting stuff on voyforums which has been put up in the last few days under the blog about Lehigh. It just makes me sick to read how disrespected we are by their boosters. Basically they say we are unworthy opponents. This is one school which I really hope we can beat. I now dislike Lehigh almost as much as I dislike Penn.

Anonymous said...

To repeat what Coach M stated in his word press on June 11th. "We will not be defined by our past."
Coach M also remarked after the NBC TV schedule was released, "Someone outside the family has rejected us, taken a shot at us, is trying to keep us were we have been, keep us in our place. We can focus on them, or stay focused on us. Our energies are better spent focused on us, don’t be distracted. The first shot has been fired, there will be more.
No flinching." I've been watching my son this summer and I find it hard to believe that any team is working harder than our boys. Columbia football players are not on vacation. They are very hungry for a winning season.

lionrock said...

It's just one Lehigh "booster" making those silly remarks on the Voy Board. Knowledgable football fans realize that Columbia will be much improved this year. Our defense will be much stronger than last year as guys like Childress, Martin, Adebayo, Melka, put their collective signatures on the Kraft playing field. On offense, this team will have much more speed than any Lion squad in years. No catching some of these playmakers.

Anonymous said...

Jake, do you know how many players can suit up and play at home and away games this season? With our first three games being at home, this seems like a very important question.