Sunday, July 29, 2012

Welcome Surprise

Nick Durham looked much older and more powerful than this on Sunday

I attended the alumni BBQ on campus Sunday and was pleasantly surprised to meet no less than FIVE incoming new football players at the event.

I was very impressed by Brandon Blackshear, Nick Durham. Cameron Molina, Darin Patmon, and the transfer Jake Wanamaker.  

Durham and Molina especially looked like they were in terrific shape. Wanamaker was very nice and outspoken and obviously excited.

The fact that so many incoming frosh are already on campus and have been here about a month is really encouraging.

Alex Gross, (far right), takes the field 

Alex Gross: MVP!

Alex Gross' '11 stint with his professional team in Austria did not end with a championship, but he did win the league's MVP award which means a tremendous amount because that award is voted on by the coaches.

Gross continues to embody everything Columbia athletics and Columbia overall should stand for.

I can't wait to hear what he'll be doing in his next chapter!


Anonymous said...

These young men are smart and talented and have a strong will to succeed. Good luck to them all!

RedTiger61 said...

Jake ... how common in the Ivy League is it for incoming freshmen to show up a month before summer practice starts ??

Jake said...

It's hard to get solid numbers, but I can say that this is a scenario that has gone from "unheard of" to fairly common at many campuses these days. I would say that Columbia is near the top of the pack in this because so many guys want to get a chance to be in New York City for the summer.