Thursday, October 4, 2012

Chuck's Best Advice

Lehigh Football Nation blogger Chuck Burton has come through for us with the following suggestions about the best ways to get to and enjoy the Columbia game at Lehigh this Saturday:

"It's real easy to get to Lehigh's stadium from Manhattan for a day trip.  Just take Route 78 to Exit 67 to the Hellertown/Bethlehem exit and take 412 South down to Water Street.  Make a right and follow that road all the way to the entrance to Murray Goodman Stadium.  You won't see the town of Bethlehem this way but it's the most direct.

If you're making a weekend of it, you can take 412 North on the exit, which takes you to South Bethlehm.  From there, you can stay in the Sands Casino, if that's what you like, or the Comfort Suites University in South Bethlehem is very close to some nice places to eat, like Starters Riverport or Molly's Irish Grille.  They're sports-themed places for the most part.  Student bars, like the Tally Ho, are also nearby.

Before the game, the Goosey Gander Deli right off of 412 is a Bethlehem tradition and they, as ever, have made great hoagies.  The Roast Beef and Turkey Gombo got me through college, and was a very large contributing factor to the Freshman 15 and the Sophomore 10."

Thanks Chuck! 

If you plan to stay home, you can see the game on Lehigh web network, turn the sound down and listen to Jerry Recco and Sal Licata call the game on the SideLion Pass. (I do this all the time and it works).


Anonymous said...

Isn't KCR doing it, obviating the need for a computer?

Anonymous said...

How much does the Lehigh video service cost? Will it be in sync with Sidelion audio?

LionEsq said...

Lehigh's service is $7.95 for the game.

Chuck B '92 said...

Thought I'd add that the Lehigh broadcast is a live stream of the Service Electric 2 broadcast, so it's of pretty good quality. It may also be available on your regular TV through the correct DirecTV/Dish channel as well.

oldlion said...

Is Lehigh now a scholarship school?