Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Giving Day "Surprise"

Today is Columbia Giving Day.

For the record, I donated $200 to football. I know that’s not much, but it’s not the only financial contribution I made this year.

This Giving Day Leader Board tells you all you need to know about why athletics are essential at Columbia. Athletics is #2 on the giving leader board and only trails the College!  
What’s amazing and appalling is how BAD the law school, biz school and all the other grad schools are doing. I knew the grad schools were laggards, but this is terrible!

Again, it just goes to show how CU should be A LOT more subservient to the undergrads and athletics. They owe us EVERYTHING!!!


Anonymous said...

Given that the law school has an alumni population that is a small fraction of that of the college I would say that it more than holds its own.

Anonymous said...

How much has President Obama given to the Columbia College Fund this year? Has he repaid his student loan?

oldlion said...

As a graduate of both the College and the Law School I can tell you that the Law School does very well in fundraising and that it has a pretty healthy endowment of its own. Since both schools have well organized annual fund drives, I frankly am puzzled by the point behind Giving Day, although I went along for the ride and contributed to the football program. I would also note the paltry contribution level for GS, which is hardly surprising.

Anonymous said...

please tell me how do I go about contributing to FB today?

Jake said...

Go to this site and see the giving menu on the right:

Jake said...

It's not just the law school. All the grad schools combined are far behind athletics! And GS has moved ahead of the Journalism school and some other bigger names like the GSAS. Athletics is kicking this!