Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Let's Play the Feud!

The bad blood scenario many of us thought unlikely to occur this year could very well take place on Kraft Field this Saturday.

Notorious Columbia decommit Logan Scott could very well be the starting QB for the Yale Elis when they take on the Lions on national TV no less.

Sadly for Columbia, Yale decommit Isaiah Gross is probably going to be out of the lineup again with his hamstring injury this Saturday. 

But the story line still holds. The Lion defenders get the chance to pummel a guy who gave up on them and Scott gets to rub things in by showing the Columbia coaches what they lost.

Before last week's impressive win over Penn, Yale looked like it was on the highway to a possible 0-7 season. But Penn's suddenly inept red zone offense and the performance of Scott and fellow backup QB Derek Russell turned that all around. 

I'll have my full scouting report on Yale tomorrow, but the whole equation seems to be changing in New Haven.

Giving Day is Tomorrow; Know Your Goals

I encourage everyone to donate to Columbia athletics and academics tomorrow for "giving day." I know I will. 

But let's make sure that when you give, you at least make it clear to yourself what you want that money to help achieve. 

Overall, I want our athletes and students to have the best facilities and resources at their disposal. And I am very confident in saying they really get that despite Columbia's location in super-expensive New York City.

So for me, I want to see winning results. Dammit I want WINS. And I want no more talk of resurgence or renaissance in our sports programs until we get them. 

If that's too much to ask, then we are already losers.

Garrett's Game

Again, my full scouting report comes out tomorrow on Yale but it should be noted now that the Elis have the worst rush defense in the league.

I think that means good things for CU RB Marcorus Garrett. 

How many yards do you think he'll run for? How much extra time should Sean Brackett have if he effectively sells the play action fakes? 

Enter your bids now in the comments section.


oldlion said...

Yale will put seven or eight guys in the box and force Brackett to beat us with his arm. They will be loading up to stop Garrett. Until we can show that we can complete more passes we can expect to see that for the rest of the year. So I think it is actually more likely that we see a big game from Nelligan and Garner.

Anonymous said...

Columbias Defense has improved since 2009:

2009 Rushing TD's Allowed 12
2010 Rushing TD's Allowed 16
2011 Rushing TD's Allowed 19
2012 Rushing TD's Allowed through 6 games: 3 I would say that's a huge improvement from 2011 to 2012 wouldn't you agree?

jock/doc said...

interesting about the lower number of rushing TDs; but how do the passing TD's look? I see a lot of long completions and D scored 3 thru the air and L scored 4 (I think)

Anonymous said...

Here's Columbias Passing Defense since 2009

2009 Passing TD's allowed 16
1010 Passing TD's allowed 11
2011 Passing TD's allowed 21
2012 Passing TD's allowed over 6 games = 13

Anonymous said...

Coach M's post-game notes indicate that Gross is healthy now and that McDonagh will start getting playing time. Glad to hear it.

Anonymous said...

The Lions shouldn't go out to pummel just play good D.

Anonymous said...

Probably smart to give McDonagh some live reps given we're playing for the future, but I feel bad for Brackett. After his sophomore year, I thought he'd break all Witkowski's records and lead us to respectability. Didn't happen.

Anonymous said...

I noticed a couple of changes on the 2-deep this week, including Gross back as starter at one WR slot. Wondering about continued presence of Gerst the younger at backup running back. I would think that would be Molina at this point. When did Gerst last see action? Also, if McDonaugh is getting reps at QB, might that mean he has passed Weiss on the depth chart? Tough spot, having to get young guys ready for next year while being loyal to deserving upper classmen. Too bad they cancelled the JV schedule this year - that concedes an advantage to the rest of the league.

Mitch said...

Why did they cancel the JV schedule? That's very, very unfortunate for the team.

jock/doc said...

there you go again;
thanks anonymous for the tip about how good it would be to have a JV.
another "expert" opinion
I had not noticed that it helped us much last year!
see you at the game

Anonymous said...

jock/doc, I hardly think one needs to be an "expert" to see that it would be better to have McDonaugh with two or three JV games under his belt at this point in the season than seeing his first game action in more than a year. The rest of the league has JV ball to help prepare the underclassmen. CU gave up on it for a long time because its attrition problem depleted the roster so badly it kept having to cancel games. Then Wilson reinstated it and was actually able to play a full schedule without canceling any games. Do you really think foregoing JV game experience for underclassmen is a good thing? The answer doesn't really need much expertise, but if you think it does ask Coaches Murphy and Estes why they field JV teams. They might have the "expertise" you're looking for.

Anonymous said...

I respectfully submit the following. Cancellation of the JVs was a BIG mistake. Kids want to play---Let 'em play. If you are not going to dress everyone on Saturday, let the 3rd and 4th teams dress and play on friday.

By the way, will everyone dress against Yale? If not, the inescapable conclusion is that Saturday was a sham.

Mitch said...

JV games are great, to play in and to watch. There's a huge morale difference between just practicing all the time and getting to compete in a JV game. And it really helps the development of players. There must be a good reason for cancelling this, right?

WOF said...


Just a thought: We don't necessarily need to know each persons true identity, but can you at least make it a requirement for each poster to have a nickname so we can know who we are talking to?