Thursday, October 18, 2012

Week Six Picks

I HAD to start with this item! 

Special thanks for Bruce Wood from Big Green Alert for posting this, because it's a gem. The real prize is being able to see and hear Lou Little actually talking at the end of the clip even though it is a very rehearsed line:

Incidentally, the Lions went 4-4-1 in 1935, finishing out the season with a 13-7 home win over those Dartmouth guys featured in the beginning of the video. They also played the other team featured in the video, Navy, but lost to them in Annapolis 28-7.

Last week I was 3-2 against the spread and a terrible 2-3 straight up. My record is now 14-12-1 against the spread and 18-9 straight up.

Penn -9 at Yale

This is a tough one, but I think Penn will be much more motivated after almost losing to Columbia this week. A late score should push them over the top to cover.

Cornell +5 at Brown

We don't know if Jeff Mathews is back at QB for Cornell this Saturday, but I bet he's back. So I'm taking a chance on the Big Red to win this game straight up.

Harvard -11 at Princeton

Princeton is a lot better, but not good enough to really challenge here.

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