Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 4 Picks

Lehigh Football Nation blogger Chuck Burton has a great preview of the Lions-Mountain Hawks game tomorrow. He emphasizes how the Lehigh players and staff are not underestimating Columbia and realize this is a classic "trap game."

What I really like about Chuck's work on the blog overall is that, in addition to the obvious leg work he does getting player and coach quotes, he also makes everything about the team from a fan's point of view. He often writes about what he ate, saw, felt before, during and after games. Sometimes I shy away from all of that to make it writing about the Lions less about me and especially more welcoming for new readers and fans, but I think he has the right idea. 

Now to the predictions for week four...

After three weeks, my record against the spread is 9-7-1 and 13-4 straight up. 

Once again, there is NO LINE provided for a game this week, (Dartmouth at Yale), but I will provide one and take my medicine either way.

Cornell +17 at Harvard

I expect Harvard to win this game, but I'm still a believer in Cornell's ability to keep it relatively close. Harvard's secondary is not the greatest part of this team and that bodes well for Big Red QB Jeff Mathews and his aerial show.

Rhode Island +15 1/2 vs. Brown

I like Brown to win, but not blow out URI. The Bears are stronger than expected this year, but they'll probably only win this by 13 or 14.

Penn +3 vs. William and Mary

This is a down season for W&M and Penn is on a high after the win at Dartmouth. I think the Quakers will win it outright.

Lafayette -5 vs. Princeton

Sorry, but I'm still not convinced this Tigers team is that good even after the drubbing they handed the Lions. 

Dartmouth -2 at Yale

It seems like every year, the Big Green make sure to play their worst game of the season against Yale. I don't have a clue why, but this seems like the year that will change. 

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Anonymous said...

You aren't that far off the mark saying that Dartmouth has played its worst game against Yale in recent years. Definitely true for 2011, 2009, 2008 (arguably), and 2007. But I think that's going to change Saturday as well.