Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No Quitters Here

Columbia's next proving ground: Goodman Stadium

You've all probably seen this new blog post from Head Coach Pete Mangurian exhorting all of us to remain positive and not give up on the team despite this bad bump in the road against Princeton.

Of course, everyone reading this blog can be counted to stick with the team. That's what we do. Not only will be back at Wien Stadium for the Dartmouth game on 10/20, but some of us will watch the team on the road at Lehigh and Penn the next two weeks. 

The real message of patience has to go out to those who may have actually been expecting a winning season or even a title run THIS year. If you are one of those people, then I can see how last week's loss might turn you off for good. 

But if you dwell in the hopeful reality, hopeful but still realistic reality that is, then you know there's plenty to expect a generally positive year for the Lions.

Hey, I picked this team for 6th and expected three wins. I stand by that prediction despite the stinker against the Tigers Saturday. I still say that game seems like an extreme anomaly as opposed to the norm that we can expect for the next seven weeks.

I'm also jazzed about following the individual performances starting with junior RB Marcorus Garrett who is 44 yards ahead of the pace for what would be just the SECOND 1,000-yard rushing season in Columbia history. 

WR's Connor Nelligan, Isaiah Gross, Louis DiNovo and now Jake Wanamaker are exciting players to watch, and their stats are starting to pop.

LB Zach Olinger and DL Josh Martin are worth the price of admission alone as they play top quality defense. 

etc, etc,

Lehigh Up Next

The Lions have an excellent chance to redeem themselves this weekend at Lehigh. Before the season, I pegged this game as the toughest on the CU schedule, and it still is at least in the top two with Harvard possibly beating the Mountaineers Mountain Hawks out. 

Can Columbia really challenge this Patriot League favorite in their building? No one will expect them to do so, so the pressure is essentially off. 

I'll look at Lehigh with a scouting report tomorrow, but the best place to learn about the Mountaineers Mountain Hawks is Chuck Burton's Lehigh Football Nation blog. 

I'll ask Chuck to post some info about the best way to get to Goodman Stadium, where to eat, etc. or at least email me some info I can post here. The trip is really short from the NYC, by the way.

Columbia hasn't played Lehigh since 1999, when they killed us 63-13 in Bethlehem.


RedTiger61 said...

Jake .... it's Mountain Hawks NOT Mountaineers ....

Anonymous said...

Is Bell an alternative to Garrett who's been used a lot, subject to injuries?

oldlion said...

Is Lehigh a one shot deal, or are they paying us a return visit in '13?

CULionPride said...

I am still a believer that a 3 season victory will be an improvement and doable. When dealing with the psyche of young men, does anyone believe the Princeton game performance was a carryover from the manner in which we lost to Fordham? An interception when a run was in order on 2nd and goal from the 2, the last CU offensive play (Brackett over the line but throwing a TD pass nullified by the penalty and loss of down). The team seemed flat, and I don't know whether that or potentially a cumulative tiredness from waking at 4am every morning since mid-August. Wouldn't this be possible since some of the players have evening classes, and college students as a group rarely get emough sleep anyway?

Anonymous said...

Bell has looked impressive in his kickoff returns--very good speed and excellent field vision--probably needs to add some muscle before he can become an effective running back between the tackles, but he has the speed and atheticism to go outside. All three of our opponents so far (Marist, Fordham and Princeton) have utilized small, quick running backs, for sweeps around the end. I can see Bell doing the same thing for us.

Anonymous said...

I was a Freshman, or I guess First Year, during the 1999 Lehigh game. Still having flashbacks.

jock/doc said...

I just went to the coach's blog which was fine. But the "ad" was WTF!!

oldlion said...

The toughest job in the coaching profession is offensive coordinator.

van said...

For those coming over to Goodman, expect a great game day atmosphere, lot of free parking, great tailgate opportunities and beautiful surroundings. Just a short trip from NYC across I-78 to Hellertown exit and Siederville Rd right into Goodman. If arriving early and looking for lunch, Starters Riverport in South Bethlehem a good choice or one of my undergrad hang-outs, Tally Ho. Chuck can no doubt recommend others.

oldlion said...

How long a drive from the City?

InwoodTiger said...

Will always be the Engineers to me. I saw two Lehigh games vs Princeton in the 90s at Goodman, and they've also hosted Ivy basketball playoffs at times. Enjoy the gameday experience.

One note for those who pay attention to the marching bands -- Lehigh, which has a smallish traditional band, has little tolerance for Ivy band antics and will likely have their stentorian announcer read the wordy and silly CUMB script. Should be surreal.

InwoodTiger said...

Sorry, did I say smallish? That's their away band. When at home the Lehigh band is enormous. Enjoy the show.