Friday, September 11, 2015

BREAKING: New Kicker Walks On

Fernando Pasqual-Marquez getting a scholastic award earlier this year

Based on some of my sources, a young kicker from the Richmond, VA area has walked on to the football team.

His name is Fernando Pasqual-Marquez out of Clover Hill HS.

You can see some of his highlights and bio here.

And you can read about his impressive academic credentials here.

Head Coach Al Bagnoli is not fooling around. An apparent weakness in field goal kicking going into this season was not going to stand.


oldlion said...

Punter, placekicker, or both?

Jake said...

I'm sure this is in response to the FG kicking issue. Punts, kickoffs and PAT's look okay.

I remain, very truly yours, Richard Szathmary said...

So this guy somehow slipped on through? More power to him for walking on, then. But that Kohl's scouting report did note that he'd benefit from more time in the weight room.

Unknown said...

I can tell you he took Kohl's feedback to heart. He's been hitting the weight room since that showcase as he's made progress not in upper and lower body strength. Kicks and punts look more effortless with distance and accuracy improvements

alswingman said...

THANK YOU!!! Last minute savior. That is a good omen.