Wednesday, September 2, 2015

New Faces

Brock Anglin still has the hair

If you go over to the football roster page, you can see the pictures of the freshmen and transfers posted there for the first time. That is, with the exception of linebackers Sean White and Cal Falkenhayn, who must have missed picture day.

UPDATE: Falkenhayn and White's pics are now up.

Veteran pics are also there but they have not been updated.

Busy Weekend

All three of Columbia's 2015 out of conference opponents kick off their seasons this weekend.

Fordham goes first with its big game at Army on Friday night.

On Saturday, Georgetown plays St. Francis in Pennsylvania at noon, while Wagner goes to Houston to play Rice at 3:30pm Eastern.

Meanwhile, Columbia has a scrimmage against Kean at Wien Stadium tomorrow.

When I begin my weekly picks postings tomorrow, I will list the spreads for each of the games. But I can tell you now that all of the Columbia opponents are underdogs.

And for those of you who are new here, I will offer the added teaser of publishing my track record.

Last year, I went 55-18 straight up and 34-36-1 against the spread, (there were two games where no spreads were published).

Just to recap my records from the last five seasons:

2014: 55-18 Straight Up (.753)   34-36-1 Against the Spread (.485)

*2013: 51-18 Straight Up (.739)   41-26-1 Against the Spread (.611)

2012: 22-19 Straight Up (.536)   19-21-1 Against the Spread (.475)

2011: 33-9 Straight Up (.785)     23-19-0 Against the Spread (.547)

2010: 32-12 Straight Up (.727)   30-14 Against the Spread (.681)

5 year totals: 193-76 Straight Up (.717)  147-116-3 Against the Spread (.558)

(*=My total games picked jumped after 2012 when I added all the games Columbia's non-conference opponents were playing all season long). 


josh gershfield said...

Quick questions to throw around to think about heading into a crucial season:
1. How many quarterbacks will we see on the field this year barring injury? We will see how Skyler Morninwheg fares.
2. How much of the read-option will we see this year? I think that there will be a heavy dose of it especially early in games.
3. Which freshman makes the biggest impact?Cole Mcdonough for me.
4. How will the Conway brothers fit in? Will Cristian Conway start at safety?
5. Who emerges as a top recieving option? I really like Toure Douglas. He got first team reps in the Spring and is a big target.
6. How many carries will Cameron Molina and Jackson Conway get? If Molina gets at least 20 carries, we will be in games.

oldlion said...

is the scrimmage open? If so, hopefully we'll get some reports

Roar Lion said...

I think the #1 question above is whether we will have better WR play this year than the past two. Somebody has to be able to catch the ball, other than Molina. Curious what Jake is hearing about the receivers.

Jake said...

I'm actually hearing great things about two new receivers who I would have to say are the breakout stories of camp for now.

Roar Lion said...

That would be great news. We now have a QB who started a game vs. Florida State, a very good RB and seemingly some depth in Faria and Conway, and a much bigger OL. If we can catch the ball we could be interesting.

Chick said...

Jake, how good is Wagner in relation to CU? Somebody here mentioned they're a strong team with some talented transfers.
They're traveling to Rice and BYU this season, which were bowl teams in 2014--one won, the other lost in overtime.
Is Wagner just a sacrificial lamb earning a paycheck, or are they anywhere close to Rice/BYU level? I wonder because.....

oldlion said...

Agree with Roar Lion that our WRs last year could not get separation because they were too slow, could not run precise routes, and most significantly they could not catch the rare catchable ball. That's why I think Molina would prosper in the slot.

tijama cel said...

I think that Krcliek and Gabriel will solve some of the answers if the coaches put the best players on the field.

Coach said...

These games are just paychecks for Wagner. They have no business playing Rice or BYU- last year they were slaughtered by Syracuse and Delaware.