Friday, September 25, 2015

Penn's Big Win

Kudos to the Penn Quakers for shaking off a bad start against Lehigh and bouncing back to beat Villanova 24-13 last night. It was a stunning win for the Quakers, who haven’t been able to beat their local rivals since 1911.

In a nod to the odd scheduling of the game forced by the Papal visit that apparently helped Penn, Quaker Head Coach Ray Priore was heard saying "thank you Pope Francis!" as soon as the final gun sounded.

Villanova was without their excellent first string QB for the entire game, but the Penn offense was efficient and the Quaker D much stronger than we’ve seen in years.

One major play in the game was a 98-yard fumble recovery for a TD that turned what looked like it was about to be a 17-14 game into a 24-7 Penn lead. The fumble on that play was caused by Syracuse transfer Colton Moskal. 


Big Dawg said...

Given the fact that Villanova knocked off Fordham, Penn's win implies a tough Homecoming contest for us.

oldlion said...

Let's reassess after tomorrow. Remember that Penn lost handily in week one. Al says that there is a big jump up from the first to the second game.