Friday, September 4, 2015

Fordham Game Notes Out

Week one opponent Fordham has released its game notes for tonight's game at Army,

Here are some of the highlights that jumped out at me:

1) 5-9, 168 pound freshman Corey Caddle gets the start at the slot receiver position. Caddle is a graduate of New Jersey prep powerhouse St. Peter's Prep.

2) Sophomore Anthony Coyle gets the start at the crucial left tackle position. But before you see that as a possible weakness, note that Coyle started 10 games at right tackle last year as he filled in for an injured player. And, he was named to a preseason All Patriot League team over the summer.

3)  Perhaps a more interesting story is sophomore Ben Hartman getting the start at the crucial position of center.

The game tonight is at 7pm on CBS Sports Network


josh gershfield said...

A sophmore center vs Niko Padilla and JD Hurt? Just saying. Just saying. Also, you missed the fact that Fordham is replacing 18 new starters. That's a lot for any team in the country no matter how you recruit. Also, Fordham only has 12 o-lineman compared to 19 d-lineman of Columbia. It isn't a big factor but if injury strikes, it could be an advantage for us considering the depth on the line. Also, all of the Fordham qb's are underclassman. Advantage: Columbia. It could be closer than people outside of the Columbia circle think.

Anonymous said...

I do like the odds facing this year's Fordham team with this year's CU coaching staff and revamped roster but it is still long odds. I think we can give them a game. I hold out hope it could be an upset season.

And I hate to keep harping on it. It's been almost a year I have been saying our field goal kicker is very bad. We're not going to stand a chance if the team does manage close games and it comes down to even a chip shot by Zgrablich. They have to find another kicker and should already have done that actually.

Anonymous said...

Well my wishful thinking optimism was misplaced. After seeing Fordham out of the gate, they are unbeatable right now except against the best FCS programs.