Thursday, September 3, 2015

Week One Picks, and Hitting Someone Else

Real History

Before we get to the picks for the three teams on Columbia's out of conference schedule, it should be noted again that today the Lions get to hit somebody else. The scrimmage this afternoon against Kean College is truly essential to improve communications, flow, and just to make sure all the hard hitting isn't against each other.

Plus, even though it's just a scrimmage, it's the first time to see Al Bagnoli truly at the helm of the Lions in a game situation. Make no mistake, 5:30pm today will be a historic moment in Columbia history. For the first time since Lou Little retired in 1956, a great coach will be on the sidelines for this program. Just take a moment to think about that.

Week One Picks

Army -7 1/2 over Fordham

Fordham was a great team last year. But with all the graduations, the Rams are just not going to be as good as they were last year or in 2013. Here's the thing, that much better Fordham team last year lost to Army anyway, badly. And Army is going to be better this year. Lay the points.

Rice -29 1/2 over Wagner

Wagner is a very good team overall, but it's unsettled at QB and some other key positions. Rice is a rising program.

St. Francis -8 over Georgetown

Georgetown is a weak team, but a weak team that will win one or two games this year. But not on the road and not this week.


Anonymous said...

Wagner is good but they are not in the same class as Rice. Even as a first game, Rice should roll. Still, 29 points is a good spread if you want to go with an underdog. Wagner can still get blown out and cover.

Not sure about St. Francis. They were good last year and G-town always has to prove themselves. I would lay off that one.

And Army is at home, opening day. They should beat the Rams. Could be close though. Fordham can score and the Black Knights are so unpredictable.

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oldlion said...

Did we learn anything from the Kean scrimmage? The usual tweeters have been silent.

Chick said...

"Plenty of work to do" before the Fordham opener seems exactly right. Too bad this is the only scrimmage. Our opponents are already playing real games while we have a workout with Kean. We throw no long passes, Kean scores on two. There's no point in worrying about whatever the exercise was yesterday, but of course "worry" is now part of the Lion fan base DNA.

If Bagnoli isn't doing this right, I don't know who can.

RLB said...

Fordham @ Army is on a CBS channel.