Tuesday, August 21, 2012

All about the OL?

25 Days Until the Season Opener

O-line Coach Ed Argast has the toughest job right now

It's no secret Head Coach Pete Mangurian was not happy with the offensive line veterans as a whole heading into camp. And he's made no secret that the competition for starting spots will be heated. Not even 2011 All Ivy Honorable Mention Scott Ward is safe.

It's hard to believe that there's anything more important this training camp than Columbia putting together something resembling a coherent and effective line.

And yet, the only coach from the Norries Wilson regime that Mangurian retained was offensive line coach Ed Argast. Obviously, Mangurian has great confidence in Argast's ability to teach the players his new schemes.

The Lions have a total of 14 offensive linemen on the roster. Three are seniors, three are juniors, three sophomores, and five are freshmen. I think we can expect two of those freshmen to be starting by midseason.

If I had to guess, I'd say Austin Stock and Keith Ramljak will be those two freshmen. But that is only a guess.

How well the offensive line performs this season will probably determine just how far Columbia will go this year. And the really hard work for the eventual front five is going on now on 218th Street.


Anonymous said...

We certainly have sufficient overall talent to field an outstanding offensive line. With Coach Mangurian at the helm, there is certain to be some strategical changes which Coach Argast will successfully implement. As someone who watches the offensive line intently, I am looking forward to seeing what Coach Pete does up front. My guess he is looking for one of the freshmen you mentioned to lead the blocking on the outside for Garrett, Gerst and company. Brackett will also benefit from an outside attack mode on the option.

oldlion said...

The first year center, Stock, may be the most likely to see action. The others may not be strong enough yet.

Anonymous said...

I shudder at the thought of freshman on the OL. They aren't strong enough yet. Not even Adams started as a frosh. Plus, a couple of the sophs were highly regarded recruits. They might be more ready to play.

Anonymous said...

Harvard's starting left tackle last year was a freshman and he played extremely well. It depends on the player's readiness and our needs.

lionrock said...

I agree that depends on the player's readiness and the needs of the team. Wes Gavin started at offensive tackle for Yale two years ago and quickly emerged as one of Yale's best players. From the photo Jake posted yesterday of Keith R he certainly looks ready to play. The other player, Jake mentioned, Austin Stock, is a very highly rated football player from an excellent high school football program in Ohio. I agree that he too has an excellent chance to see playing time, either at center or guard. However, we do have some talented players returning at those positions so even a player as promising as Stock will have to battle for playing time. Of course, the goal is to have a powerful two-deep asap.

oldlion said...

I think it s also a question of strength and size. Our incoming OLs for the most part don't seem to be big enough right now to play guard or tackle at between 250 and 265. Stock at 270 can probably play center if he has the physical strength. I just don't think a 260 pounder is big enough to get the job done anymore unless he has great technique.

Anonymous said...

Stock has great technique--check out his You Tube video