Saturday, August 11, 2012

Roar Lions Hits the Road

I'll be in Ohio and Illinois this week and back to NYC in time for training camp, which starts just ONE WEEK from today!

(Posting will be a bit spotty as a result for the next seven days, but rest assured that all relevant breaking news will be covered).

As fans, we tend to focus on the actual season opening game being the beginning of the season. But for the players and coaches, training camp is the true start and we're just seven days away.

This is going to be a very exciting camp as a big number of starting spots are clearly up for grabs. I just hope Head Coach Pete Mangurian and co. have enough time to evaluate the players to make a solid decision; Ivy League training camps aren't as jam-packed as BCS school slates.


CULionPride said...

Enjoy your time in the midwest. Those two states can be fertile recruiting ground for Columbia (think Jeff Adams and Lou Miller). With the caliber of high school football played in those states, I certainly hope that the Columbia coaching staff has made the trip many times under Coach M.

Anonymous said...

Can we fans attend a practice?

Anonymous said...

Training Camp is NOT open to the public.