Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Searching the Evidence

Back on the field!

The athletic department tweeted some pictures of practice yesterday at Wien Stadium.

Do we get any hints about the starting offensive players in this picture? I feel like the teacher at the end of Romper Room when I say that I see Ghergurovich, Ryan Thomas, and Tom Callahan on the O-line. At wide receiver, I see Nelligan, Slivka, and Prince getting into the action.

In this shot, we can see Deveau, Bocci, Foster, Thaxton, and Cahal working together in one DB group.

Finally, here I see the freshmen defenders Akinleye, Hurt, Brady, Blackshear, Cahal again, along with sophomore Hunter Little and junior Nick Melka.

I really don't think we can make any guesses about lineup status based on these shots alone, but it sure feels good to see football being played on Kraft Field again... doesn't it? 


RedTiger61 said...

What time is practice each day, and can we "just show up to watch" ??? ....

Anonymous said...

Nelligan, Slivka and Prince are all tall, fast athletic wide receivers with huge potential. Brackett must be thrilled to finally have some big, fast wide receivers to throw to downfield. Also, these guys hsve the size and speed to runaway from people which will make our passing game much more potent than it has been in years.

Anonymous said...

Our biggest upgrade on offense this year will be in the passing game. We should be much, much more effective thru the air, especially if our opponents stack the line to stop Brackett from running the pigskin as they have done the last two years.