Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Notes on Notes

Waiting on game notes

Any day now, (or any moment), we should get the opening week game notes for all of Columbia's out of conference opponents.

Fordham's should come first as the Rams open their season just two days from now against D-II Lock Haven in the Bronx. Marist and Lehigh kickoff 2012 on Saturday.

The two biggest questions will be who will be Fordham's starting QB and who will be the signal caller for the Red Foxes at Marist.

That brings me to a little pet peeve I have about game notes and two-deeps. That is, the wide practice of not actually naming the starting QB in those notes and going with the "Player X OR Player Y" cop out.

If you're a head coach and you sincerely can't decide who your starting QB is about two days before kickoff, then you're just not decisive enough for this line or work. Try selling shoes instead.

If you're a head coach who likes to play head games with the players or the fans, just stop. They don't work outside of practice in any kind of positive way. Show your players you have the confidence in them by announcing them publicly as starters.

If announcing the two-deep is just something that annoys you, then don't. Don't pretend you're all for informing and pumping up the fan base and then pull the rug out from everyone 72 or 48 hours before the game.

Tickets Coming

If you ordered season tickets for Columbia football,. you should be getting them in the mail this week. Let us know here when they arrive and which players have been honored with their images on the tickets for the six home games.

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