Friday, August 31, 2012

It's On!

Cheating at Harvard

A massive cheating scandal is unfolding at Harvard that may ensnare some members of the football team.

So far, no one has been identified publicly, but we'll keep a close eye on this one.

Fordham Trashes High School... I mean D-II Lock Haven

As expected, Fordham trashed D-II "opponent" Lock Haven in the Rams season opener last night.

The score was 55-0. We didn't learn much about how competitive Fordham will be against real competition, but we did probably learn that QB's Ryan Higgins and Michael Nebrich will split time at the position for now.

We'll learn some more valuable things tomorrow after Marist and Lehigh play their opening games against teams that actually provide some level of challenge.

15 Days to Go!

My season tickets arrived yesterday, and I'm a little bummed that they don't feature pictures of CU players past or present.

Oh well, I guess they had to save money someplace.

CU Preview Today

My annual preseason analysis of Columbia football will be released later today for your Labor Day Weekend reading pleasure.

Stay tuned!


CULionPride said...

I really look forward to your preseason analysis. With the rain from Isaac falling down, this weekend will need some very good reading.

CULionPride said...

A quote from the Harvard article: "Though she said she followed the exam instructions and is not being investigated by the Ad Board, she said she thought the exam format lent itself to improper academic conduct." There were specific instruction about how to take the exam. What about an exam would cause one to believe that it was promoting academic misconduct? Certainly academic misconduct occurs on every campus, but to suggest that the exam is the cause of academic misconduct is ludicrous. Whether student athletes or not, this unfortunately is how many students feel it now is acceptable on college campuses to learn the material and take tests. Does anyone else see a correlation between this form of behavior and the ethics of some of the people in all professions now? Worldcom, Enron... I don't have the answers, but I have questions.

Anonymous said...

There's no information about who the alleged Harvard cheaters are, not even how many, if any are male. So, speculation some may be fb players is wild.

Anonymous said...

Speculation, yes. But for a class that size, simple percentages suggest that quite a few were athletes (and football players). Most likely freshmen (now sophs) or sophs (now juniors). Hard to imagine upperclassmen taking an "Intro to Congress" course, but who knows. The league is holding its breath to see how this plays out. This could be nothing, or it could be huge.