Saturday, August 4, 2012

We Got Numbers!

14 Days until Training Camp

42 days until the Season Opener

With two weeks to go before camp begins, the incoming freshmen have now been assigned their jersey numbers.

I don't know why these numbers tend to mean so much to fans like us... but they just do.

Here are some random numbers from the roster page that caught my eye:

-There will once again be two #1's. Junior punter Paul Delaney will share that number with freshman WR Trevor Bell.

-Freshman QB Trevor McDonagh gets #7, the number made great for Columbia by Johnathan Reese who is still our all-time greatest rusher.

-Fellow freshman QB Hank Trumbull gets #18, the number all-time great QB John Witkowski wore for the Lions in the early 1980's.

-Nick Gerst's younger brother Mike Gerst will get #36, Nick is #34.

-Defensive player-turned RB Ben Walker still has #52, (shared with incoming LB sensation Alec Davison). That may not stand, as I'm not sure an RB is allowed to have a number higher than 49. 

-Incoming freshman DT Daren Napier gets Jeff Adams '12 old #76.

-WR-turned-DB Ian Cummins still has #85, I'm not sure he can keep that number if he remains with the defense.

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oldlion said...

If a first year gets a duplicate number the coaches don't think he is quite ready for prime time, I suspect.