Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Meet the Leading Lions: Connor Nelligan

Nelligan at Benet Academy


Nelligan came to Columbia following the footsteps of his Benet Academy teammate Nick Melka, who arrived the year before.

Speed was Nelligan's #1 calling card, with a  reported 40-yard dash time of 4.54.

Nelligan was recruited to fill the gap in the passing game brought on by the graduations ofAustin Knowlin in 2010 and Andrew Kennedy in 2011. 

Career Highlights

Didn't catch any passes last season, but impressed enough as a freshmen to get on the field with the varsity in several situations. He became a "must guy" on the field in Hail Mary situations especially, leading to this incredible highlight at the end of the first half in week two against Albany. It is indeed Nelligan who scoops up the Albany fumble and gets into the end zone for the TD.

Scouting Report

Indeed has good speed and great height for the Ivy League, but needs to bulk up on that 193 pound frame to grab more attention. Has a shot to be the team leader in a very crowded receiving corps at Columbia.

Jake's Take

Like RB Marcorus Garrett, If Nelligan steps it up and becomes a real impact starter then a lot of other problems will melt away for this offense. Even if Nelligan doesn't haul in 40-50 passes, he can still make a much needed impact as the deep threat for QB Sean Brackett. With the Lions looking to boost the short passing game via an H-back attack, Columbia will desperately need a deep threat to keep defenses honest. 

Head Coach Pete Mangurian singled none of the WR's in his spring game analysis and he also said he expects the incoming class to seriously compete for playing time this fall. That doesn't breed a lot of confidence for Nelligan or any of the other returning vets, but I think there will be some exceptions. 

Nelligan needs to be one of those exceptions.

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RedTiger61 said...

I think Nelligan has the tools to become a "go-to" reciever for SB ... what I am hoping for is a set of 3 recievers with 100-120 catches ...