Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Location, Location, Location

A day AFTER I wrote my post explaining why NYC is a superior place to go to college, the Washington Post published this story enumerating all the things i was talking about.

Here are some of the key graphs the Columbia recruiters need to push hard. And with our new regime under Al Bagnoli I know for a fact there is a big emphasis on promoting the Columbia brand in a much better way than the previous coaching regime and athletic director did:

"In order to experience those off-campus opportunities, students either need to travel or go to a school in a place that has a strong and diverse economy offering a multitude of options for experiential learning."

"Most of the nation’s colleges and universities were built for a different era, when being spread out geographically was seen as an asset because it offered easy access for students no matter where they lived. Today, with ease of travel and communication, having a college in your backyard doesn’t matter as much as being located in a dynamic city."

"... as you’re looking at schools this summer, don’t just search for the closest Starbucks. Be sure to also check out what the place offers in terms of learning opportunities off the campus. It could matter more than anything in terms of what you ultimately do with that bachelor’s degree."

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