Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Looks Like More TV

Bruce Wood’s Big Green Alert blog reports that the Columbia game at Dartmouth on October 24th will start at 3pm. That unusual start time leads me to believe the game will be televised, probably on one of the regional FOX Sports channels.

I think the Ivy title this year will come down to Harvard and Dartmouth, so this could be a good chance to see how Columbia fares against the best of the league at midseason. And Dartmouth has the best player in the league in QB Dalyn Williams, so that’s another big test… unless Williams sits out the Columbia game as he did last year just as a risk-free precaution. I say risk-free because the Big Green still beat the Lions by 20 points. 

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gogringo said...

I don't think Williams sits out any game this year because he has a chance to break just about every QB record in Dartmouth history if he stays healthy